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James Wall

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Holder of CELTA { Cambridge Oxford ) M.A. & B.A. in TEFL ( over 8 years of experience in Teaching)
De República Islâmica do IrãMora em London, Reino Unido (10:26 UTC+01:00)
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Professor da italki desde 24 de Aug de 2019
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🔵 CELTA Holder from Cambridge 🔵Over 7 years of experience in the realm of teaching Academic , business, conversational English ) 🔵 Mohammad Ali- Mohammadi, ( M.A. in TEFL ). I am based in London at present due to having been employed as a freelance ( I am a developer as well ) A 28 -year-old boy who gets a kick outta teaching languages and communicating with people from the whole globe ..I'm a talkative person and I can keep talking about any subject given to me for hours. I'm a sociable person! What's the hold-up? Let's get started !!

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Aluno Yeji Song
Yeji Song
17 Inglês aulas
Escolha do professor
A bunch of questions :) a bunch of useful and beautiful expressions :) Thanks for the quality lesson today and I really appreciate I came across the wonderful teacher James this year. He's super passionate about teaching and gives me the input that is digestible !!
4 de mar de 2024
Aluno Daniel
26 Inglês aulas
Escolha do professor
James is a extremely professional teacher who is able to keep the topic of the conversation which is rare among people, he is intelligent man who knows what he is doing and how to guide student for improving their enghlish. Thanks a lot!
17 de fev de 2023
Aluno Jerry 😬Jeremy
Jerry 😬Jeremy
61 Inglês aulas
Escolha do professor
I can’t stress enough how much I love the lessons with James.Every lesson was been taught so interesting and meaningful.James really have his own methods of teaching.Especially the grammar rules.And the vocabulary expanding.And we really have so many topics to discuss about. He will give you so many questions or topics you can choose that have a deeply discussion.In additionally,the voice of Jame is so great. Just book a lesson with him,and you will never regret!
7 de set de 2022
Aluno Haoxiang Shen
Haoxiang Shen
15 Inglês aulas
Nice teacher!
27 de jun de 2024
Aluno Haoxiang Shen
Haoxiang Shen
15 Inglês aulas
nice teacher
9 de jun de 2024
Aluno Julián
4 Inglês aulas
Great first lesson! Thank you.
14 de mai de 2024
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