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Lee Hyun Ku

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🌹italki award top 1% teacher / Patient teacher / If want to improve your Korean with confidence
De Coreia do SulMora em Seoul, Coreia do Sul (18:32 UTC+02:00)
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Professor da italki desde 9 de Dec de 2019
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*Nice to meet you.* Hi, I’m Hyun Ku Lee and you can call me Dani. I’m Korean and live in Seoul. I was a product designer. But not anymore. I have many foreign friends and I like to help out people. That is why I decided to become a Korean teacher. I'm open-minded. I met various people through 3000 lessons and I'm a very patient, friendly person. You don't have to be nervous. 😊 I think learning a language is more like physical exercise. You need to study hard, but you also need to practice regularly to get used to a new language like you got your mother tongue. If you’re ready to get new language muscles, study with me. I'll be your personal coach and I will help you do my best. 👍

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Korean Grammar, Conversation, Reading & Writing Practice (한국어 문법, 회화, 읽기, 쓰기 연습)
A1 -  C2


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Korean Pronunciation and Accent Coaching(한국어 발음과 억양 연습 및 교정)
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Academic Korean B2 - C2 (글쓰기, 토론, 발표)
B2 -  C2


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TOPIK (한국어 능력 시험) TOPIK 3급 or higher
B1 -  C2

Preparação para Teste

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Aluno Kuba
78 Coreano aulas
Escolha do professor
Classes with Hyunku are always fun but also very well structured. He is a demanding teacher with a lot of warmth and always supports their students. He is very flexible and always adjust the speed of learning and levels to your current life situation.
14 de fev de 2024
Aluno Arina
55 Coreano aulas
Escolha do professor
Very friendly and comfortable environment, understanding teacher! Assigns helpful homework, gives feedback on any mistakes you make, and is very flexible with lessons, homework, any class date changes, etc. I have been learning with him for more than a year now and my grammar, overall Korean level, and speaking confidence has increased a lot!
23 de jan de 2024
Aluno 브랜든 Brandon
브랜든 Brandon
43 Coreano aulas
Escolha do professor
Hyun ku rocks! We’ve been having classes for a while. Working with him has really accelerated my learning. He’s so flexible. I usually come in with topics/grammar that I want to learn and he’s able to effectively help me study them. When I don’t have a topic in mind, he’s always prepared to give me one. I especially appreciate that he mainly speaks and explains concepts to me in Korean whereas some other teachers tend to mainly speak in English. He’s learned about my interests and even tailors conversations/example sentences to incorporate them! He’s very encouraging when I speak and corrects me in constructive ways by showing me more natural methods to explain my thoughts. With his help, I feel more confident when conversing with natives in my area. I look forward to our next class. Choose this teacher if you need help—you won’t regret it.
11 de dez de 2023
Aluno Natalie Elyse
Natalie Elyse
9 Coreano aulas
Best teacher on italki! Ive had a few different korean teachers so far but I love the way this class is set up and the book we use. It is very detailed with a lot of grammar and vocab to study. I love how we do listening speaking vocab and practice dialogues in only 45 minutes! I feel like im learning way more information than I did in other classes! The teacher is always friendly and disciplined as well which I need 🤣
28 de mai de 2024
Aluno Kenji
66 Coreano aulas
현구 씨 is an exceptional teacher! His teaching style is engaging, encouraging, and effective. Thanks to his guidance, my confidence in speaking Korean has soared, and my listening comprehension has greatly improved. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to master the Korean language!
25 de abr de 2024
Aluno Eleni Chatzikyriakou
Eleni Chatzikyriakou
62 Coreano aulas
현구 선생님은 인내심이 많고 친절하며 항상 제 수준에 맞게 배울 수 있도록 도와주십니다. 교사로서 그의 뛰어난 전달 능력과 열정은 제가 한국어를 배우는데 큰 도움이 됩니다. 또한 그의 긍정적인 태도는 수업 분위기를 밝고 활기차게 만들어줍니다. 선생님 덕분에 매 수업이 즐거우며, 한국어 실력 향상 뿐 아니라 자신감도 갖게 되었습니다. 또한 제가 인간적으로 매우 존경하는 분입니다. 앞으로도 현구 선생님과 함께 더 많은 것을 배우고 싶습니다.
27 de fev de 2024
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