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Certified FSL teacher|9 years of teaching experience|フランス語を楽しく学びたい方は是非こちらです!
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📌 Unfortunately, I do not teach young learners (under 12 years old). 📌 Please, send me an introduction message when booking our first lesson. 😊 Thank you for your understanding. Je m'appelle Emilie et je viens du sud de la France. 趣味はカメラ、読書、映画鑑賞、演技、ゲームです。旅行も外国語を勉強することも好きです。 I hold a bachelor's degree in Language Literature and Foreign Cultures - Speciality: Japanese which allowed me to go and improve my skills in a Japanese university for one year as an exchange program student. This unique experience in Japan introduced me to people from all over the world and in addition to Japanese, I deepened my English knowledge by speaking both languages daily.

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Aluno Emilia
23 Francês aulas
Escolha do professor
I have completed the 6th lesson with Emilie and plan to continue learning French with her. She is an excellent teacher, encourages me to speak, very well suitable if you are timid. She provides exercises and homework according to my wishes and I love the comfortable atmosphere during the class while still making progress. We communicate entirely in French and although I am not fluent, she helps me to find the correct words and it works wonderfully. I am lucky to have found Emilie as a teacher and am looking forward to the upcoming classes with her.
5 de nov de 2023
Aluno Rodrigo
66 Francês aulas
Escolha do professor
Emily is a terrific teacher and I am very fortunate to have found her. It is not only about the content of the lessons (which are top notch), but the enthusiasm and pedagogic tools that Emily deploys in each lesson. In my case, the lessons were for my teenager daughter and Emily was able to increase her French level exponentially in a couple of months. Now, it is almost 9 to 10 months with Emily and my daughter's French level is advanced. My daughter told me of incredibly creative activities Emily implemented during their classes which skyrocketed the French learning and as importantly, make my daughter enthusiastic about the upcoming lessons. If you are looking for one of the best dynamic, innovative, professional and pedagogic teachers of French on italki, look no further. I deeply recommend Emily.
9 de dez de 2022
Aluno Yuka
47 Francês aulas
Escolha do professor
エミリーさんと3回目のレッスンでした。とても明るくて いつもレッスン楽しいです。 私は全くの初心者なので必然と日本語も多めになっていますが、エミリーさんは、ネイティブ講師特有の 母国語をそのまま直訳したような(日本語だと失礼にあたる)きつい言い方を絶対にされない先生なので、いつも本当に気持ちよくレッスンしていただいています。 時間にもきちんとされているので、特に日本人のフランス語学習者には本当にお薦めの先生です。 次のレッスンも楽しみです :)
2 de mai de 2021
Aluno Alyssa
219 Francês aulas
Merci de m’avoir écouté raconter l’histoire de mes vacances pendant une heure!
13 de jul de 2024
Aluno Esther Hwang
Esther Hwang
1 Francês aula
Émilie est tellement amusant et gentille. Je suis confiant qu'elle peut m'aider beaucoup pour le DALF C1. Elle est super intelligente et il est évident qu'elle a beaucoup de compétence en apprentissages des langues.
30 de jun de 2024
Aluno Daniella
1 Francês aula
I had my first lesson with Emelie today and I’ll definitely be scheduling more! This lesson felt more like a chat with a friend and I credit Emelie for making our conversation so natural and fun. I was amazed to see the hour fly and realize I mostly spoke in French during that time. I’m really looking forward to our next lesson!
23 de jun de 2024
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