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PhD candidate🎈More than 4 years of teaching experience/博士課程に在学中🎈四年以上の教育経験
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Professor da italki desde 15 de Jul de 2020
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Hello!My name is Qiuqiu. I come from China.I am a Bachelor of Japanese Language and Literature and a Master of history. I am now a PhD stuent. I have a teacher's qualification certificate and formerly teaching Japanese part-time at university.I like photography, pets, travel and swimming. Welcome to my class and study with me~~🎈 こんにちは^^邱邱です~中国から来ました。私は日本語言語文学学士と歴史修士で、今は博士課程を研修しています。日本語N 1テストに合格し、高校日本語教師資格を持っています。写真、旅行、スポーツ、歴史、美食などが好きです。私と一緒にたのしく勉強しましょう~✨ 大家好,我是Qiuqiu,来自中国。是一名中文、日语老师。日语语言文学学士,日本史硕士,目前博士在读。有日语N1等级证书以及高中日语教师资格证,曾在国内二本院校兼职日语课程。喜欢摄影、旅行、宠物、舞蹈、运动、美食……欢迎大家来到我的课堂和我一起快乐学习~~✨

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Basic Japanese - 零基础日语课程
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Chinês (Mandarim)
Aluno Eric Berman 博 銳德
Eric Berman 博 銳德
7 Japonês aulas
Escolha do professor
I started to take classes with Qiuqiu because I was looking for a Japanese teacher who also spoke Chinese (that way I could learn Japanese without speaking English). Since she's a native Mandarin speaker, I get to practice Chinese with her while I learn Japanese. She's been studying Japanese for a very long time, and she has a thorough understanding of the history of Japan and the history of the Japanese language. Today, I enjoyed talking about the origins of Japanese, and the reasons for its similarities and differences with Chinese. Thanks again for today's lesson!
26 de dez de 2023
Aluno Qianhao Xu
Qianhao Xu
21 Japonês aulas
Escolha do professor
Another enjoyable lesson with Qiuqiu. As a beginner in learning Japanese, in Qiuqiu's classroom, I never have to worry about making mistakes and I never find it dull. Each lesson focuses on a few key points, accompanied by continuous practice. I can clearly feel my progress, which has given me more confidence and motivation to continue studying Japanese. She creates an environment where I feel comfortable and supported, allowing me to freely explore the language. I am grateful for her guidance and do recommend her classes to every individual journey in learning Japanese.
26 de mai de 2023
Aluno Christian
47 Chinês (Mandarim) aulas
Escolha do professor
After 17 lessons I am very satisfied and can see the progress in building sentences on my own. Qiuqiu always prepared the content for each lesson in advance and was supportive even between lessons. I can definitelly recommend her as a teacher.
8 de jul de 2021
Aluno Kyle
5 Japonês aulas
Very structured course layout that will teach you immediately usable Japanese instead of the less common phrases textbooks teach We used Mandarin to conduct the lesson which was nice but you can use English as well no problem.
7 de jul de 2024
Aluno nicolas.zalachas
10 Chinês (Mandarim) aulas
It's always a pleasure to have classe with Qiuqiu each week, I enjoy the topics of texts and I learn a lot about Chinese culture and history. Qiuqiu chooses the adapted content so that i make progress each time. Looking forward to the next lesson, thank you!
24 de jun de 2024
Aluno Ron
2 Chinês (Mandarim) aulas
16 de jun de 2024
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