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Oi, eu sou a Marina! Tenho 23 anos e sou estudante de Psicologia. Eu adoro idiomas e atualmente estou estudando francês e Língua Brasileira de Sinais (Libras). Eu sou apaixonada por ajudar as pessoas a acessar e explorar a Língua Portuguesa, conhecer as histórias dos meus alunos com o Brasil e compartilhar minha cultura. Hi, I'm Marina! I'm 23 years old and I'm a Psychology student. I love languages and I'm currently studying French and Brazilian Sign Language. I'm passionate about helping people access and explore the Portuguese language, get to know my student's stories with Brazil and sharing my culture.

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Aluno Hillel Greif
Hillel Greif
35 Português aulas
Escolha do professor
Marina is seriously amazing. She is a remarkable teacher and has many thoughtful ways of giving her students methods for review. She is resourceful, patient, and very knowledgeable in the art of teaching as well as having an amazing grasp of English and Portuguese. I highly recommend you take lessons with her and you will see that she stands apart from others in both depth and breadth as well as a talented teacher. You seriously need to take lessons with her!
13 de nov de 2021
Aluno Konrad Rovira
Konrad Rovira
1 Português aula
Marina is an awesome teacher, I felt comfortable learning portuguese with her. She has good material to make dynamic the lesson. For sure I'll book more lessons with her!!
19 de mai de 2024
Aluno James Knight
James Knight
11 Português aulas
Marina is a fantastic teacher. In every class I feel like I am learning something useful in a well-structured way. I always look forward to classes with Marina. Thank you!
8 de mai de 2024
Aluno Crissy Ridden
Crissy Ridden
2 Português aulas
Just had my first Portuguese lesson with Marina and it was great! She is very helpful, vibrant and patient. Can't wait for my other lessons:)
9 de abr de 2024
Aluno Jordan Voorhees
Jordan Voorhees
2 Português aulas
I loved her teaching style. She made it easy and simple to learn.
6 de abr de 2024
Aluno Carina
10 Português aulas
Marina is a phenomenal Portuguese teacher! She is organized with lots of material and engaging learning tasks to help you continue to learn and speak Portuguese. She has a calm demeanor that helps you feel at ease whilst learning with her. I am so thrilled to have found a teacher like her and I can’t wait to continue. Obrigada!
26 de mar de 2024
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