Espanhol professor Valentino Pradilla

Valentino Pradilla

Tutor da Comunidade
Spanish Tutor // English Teacher
De ColômbiaMora em Cucuta, Colômbia (20:11 UTC-05:00)
Sobre mim
Professor da italki desde 24 de May de 2021
Tópico de interesseMúsicaEsportesTecnologia
Hello! My name is Valentino. I live in Cucuta, Colombia. Colombia is known worldwide for its, the joy of its people and its delicious coffee. I love music, sports, and learning something new every day. I consider myself a spontaneous and friendly person. Friends and family are first.

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Conversational Practice / ¡Practiquemos juntos!
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Spanish Basics & Intermidiate - Daily life Dialogues
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120 Revisões

Aluno Mekella McLeod
Mekella McLeod
14 Espanhol aulas
Escolha do professor
Very calm and patient tutor! I appreciated his teaching style and fun games to help me learn.
26 de jan de 2024
Aluno Alex Corriveau
Alex Corriveau
16 Espanhol aulas
Escolha do professor
Valentino is a great tutor! He’s friendly, patient and easy to work with. He’s also great to make people feel comfortable to talk with him in Spanish and his schedule is flexible. He is great to find different topic to speak about and I enjoy every lesson!
11 de jul de 2023
Aluno Marcel Robillard
Marcel Robillard
12 Espanhol aulas
Escolha do professor
Otra clase muy interesante con Valentino. Es muy interactivo y aprendo mucho con él. El único inconveniente fue que la clase pasó demasiado rápido.
7 de jun de 2023
Aluno Tyler Boychuk
Tyler Boychuk
2 Espanhol aulas
Enjoyed my first lesson, I felt really comfortable & the environment was casual & welcoming! Corrections were made when necessary.
2 de abr de 2024
Aluno Ken Graham
Ken Graham
8 Espanhol aulas
Valentino is a friendly teacher who creates a relaxed environment where I don't mind making mistakes (which is a good thing!). His accent is clear and he speaks at a speed suitable for my level. Valentino has a wide range of interests so it is easy to find subjects to discuss. I'm looking forward to the next lesson.
14 de mar de 2024
Aluno Fred Harvey
Fred Harvey
1 Espanhol aula
I very much enjoyed our first discussion.
13 de mar de 2024
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