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Dedicated and Passionate Alliance Française Teacher with 5 Years of Teaching Experience and Travel
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Professor da italki desde 14 de Nov de 2021
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Bonjour! My name is Kathryn and I graduated from the University of Virginia with a major in French. At UVA I applied and was accepted to live in the French House alongside my French-speaking peers and had the opportunity to attend many French cultural events hosted there. During the summer of 2018 I worked as an au pair for a French family. I spoke only French for these three months and learned what daily life in France feels like. After falling in love with the country and its culture, I returned to Lyon, France for a semester through my university's study abroad program and studied at Sciences Po and Lyon Lumière 2. I enjoy cooking, running, and spending my summers in France.

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Aluno Ashley Mora
Ashley Mora
18 Francês aulas
Escolha do professor
After learning French from Kathryn during the last few months of last year, I’m ecstatic to continue in her class for 2024! She is truly the best French teacher. Her extensive knowledge and fluency of the French language inspire me. Also, Kathryn continues to be very kind and supportive throughout my studies. She is consistently prompt, well prepared and organized, which I appreciate. Furthermore, if you’re like me and want homework assignments, she is diligent in assigning homework in between classes as well. I love class with Kathryn. If you’re looking for a French teacher for 2024, try Kathryn’s class—you won’t regret it!
23 de jan de 2024
Aluno Ty T.
Ty T.
47 Francês aulas
Escolha do professor
Kathryn has such an effortless joy that makes tutoring session with her an absolute pleasure. Every lesson is tailored to help me succeed and are fun. You can tell she enjoys helping others. She has a way of correcting you without making you feel discouraged. Honestly, you couldn’t choose a better person to tutor with. She’s amazing.
28 de fev de 2023
Aluno Kim Baker
Kim Baker
47 Francês aulas
Escolha do professor
We have had many great teachers from italki whom we have loved. But nobody has done as well as Kathryn for our 9 year old. When he finishes, he literally comes to us and says; “book more lessons, I need more lessons with her! French is life!” Kathryn challenges him, makes it so enjoyable and honestly worth her weight in gold!
20 de set de 2022
Aluno Gretzinn
1 Francês aula
Excellent lesson!
11 de jun de 2024
Aluno Christopher
49 Francês aulas
Kathryn is awesome in many ways and her French teaching skills are exceptional.
24 de mai de 2024
Aluno SuzinBend
2 Francês aulas
excellent communication skills, very informative and details re teaching style
23 de mai de 2024
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