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Hello everyone! My name is Meli, I'm an Italian and Spanish tutor, born in Argentina and raised in Italy. As a teacher, actor, and artist, I have been perpetually amazed by the joy and power of communication. So that I might share this joy, I have been teaching languages, and loving it, to people of all ages, from 2 year old kids to adult. I've worked in kindergarten, school and as a private teacher. I'm an actress, to me art is a wonderful way through which humans communicate. It is another kind of language.

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Escolha do professor
Due to my advanced age and self criticism I may be the most difficult student Meli has ever dealt with. However because she cares about improving herself as a teacher as much as she cares about improving her students she took the challenge. Her confidence and encouragement while working with me is something I will carry for many years to come. While Meli has a vast knowledge of language and art she also has a huge heart and soul that is deeper than the ocean. She may also be the most humble and empathetic person I have ever met. Meli, please don’t hesitate to let me know about your upcoming availability on ITalkie when you get the chance. Signed, Student, friend and fan.
14 de Jun de 2022
86 Italiano aulas
Escolha do professor
Meli is a wonderful teacher with a crystal clear voice and diction who explains so well. That praise should be enough, but omits much that is wonderful about her, so I must say more. Meli is a young woman with extraordinary talents: an actress, a ballet dancer, and a singer starting a promising career as an entertainer. Those accomplishments do not diminish her modesty, her charm, or her approachability. Though her artistic talent may seem like an extra bonus unrelated to the teaching of language, that is not so. Her devotion to performance art spills over into her teaching. Language is, after all, the essential tool of her trade. It is important to her to use it well and help others do the same. While other iTalki tutors may speak of their "passion for languages", Meli is different. Her art is her passion. Language is her tool. We share readings from various sources, and enjoy one another's company. The primary goal of our lessons has always been the quality of the time we share.
23 de Fev de 2022
5 Italiano aulas
Escolha do professor
Today was my first formal lesson with Meli. I consider her Intro Video by far as the most creative, elaborating, original, fun, and professional One in the whole portal. Please allow me to tell you, Meli is real. She was creative, fun, professional, and I could feel she really meant every question during our conversation. She is genuine, smart, real, professional, she is an artist who knows how to teach Italian. In short, it is not only recommending her for any level, I believe you’ll be inspired and have fun.
13 de Fev de 2022
Carlos Verdugo Rotel
2 Italiano aulas
Me encantó la actitud, se adaptó a mis necesidades perfectamente, se nota que maneja muy bien el italiano y el español entre otros idiomas.
24 de Mai de 2023
Lisa A
1 Espanhol aula
Meli is wonderful! She is passionate about encouraging you! She is keen on communication which is great.
19 de Mai de 2023
2 Italiano aulas
Mi è piaciuto molto la mia prima lezione, ho voglia di continuare, ci vediamo dopo!
8 de Abr de 2023
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