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Italian certified Neurolanguage Coach® - Accr. ICF - Set your destination: we'll get there together
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Ciao, sono Irene e vivo in uno dei borghi più belli d'Italia lungo la costa a sud di Roma. Sono laureata in lingue (francese e inglese) e lavoro da sempre a contatto con persone di lingue e culture diverse. Sono una Neuro Language Coach® certificata da ELC e accreditata da ICF, significa che ho studiato un approccio che combina le neuro scienze e il coaching per rendere l'apprendimento un'esperienza unica, efficace, scandita da obiettivi e tempi. Il mio podcast si chiama Irene in Italia (Spotify, Apple, Amazon) e un gruppo su Facebook con lo stesso nome. Ho creato "Amyclae Experience" (lo trovi su google). Ballo il tango, amo il trekking e il mare.

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Italiano - NeuroLanguage Coaching®
A2 -  C2


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Italiano. NeuroLanguage Coaching®
A2 -  C2


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OLD STUDENTS >>> Italiano - Lezione personalizzata.
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Aluno Jessica Albrecht
Jessica Albrecht
61 Italiano aulas
Escolha do professor
I continue to appreciate Irene's patience, support and encouragement as I learn. It can take repetition for me when learning new concepts, and she is always willing to allow time during the lesson to refresh previous concepts as needed. It's also a process for me to learn to be patient and understanding with myself. Her patience and understanding help in this regard. If I get discouraged with my progress, she's quick to point out areas where I'm doing well and help with areas that need more review. Her explanations of language concepts are such that I can understand them. She takes the time to find lessons and homework that are directly applicable to what I need. She is great to work with and I look forward to my weekly lessons with her.
9 de jun de 2024
36 Italiano aulas
Escolha do professor
It has to be said: Irene is an exceptionally gifted instructor. She is highly attentive to what students want to achieve, to what they might need in order to reach their goals, and also to what might be hindering them, psychologically or otherwise. She has a deep curiosity about what goes on inside the head/brain of the L2 learner -- a curiosity that has led her to explore the relevant neuroscientific findings. This same passion for discovery is reflected in the joy she demonstrates when, together, she and her students uncover underlying motivations or discover strategies and tricks for understanding more deeply the structures of the language. Always full of encouragement, always down to earth and approachable, Irene is a top-notch facilitator of Italian language-learning.
26 de mar de 2024
Aluno Veronica Montalvo
Veronica Montalvo
13 Italiano aulas
Escolha do professor
Irene is a wonderful Italian tutor! She is patient, caring, and seems genuinely invested in helping me to prove my Italian. In fact, in the few lessons I’ve already had, I feel that my pronunciation and fluidity in speaking are starting to improve. She strikes a great balance between having structured lessons in which we complete exercise focused on listening comprehension, grammar and other areas while also having a conversation in which I’m able to practice my Italian and receive feedback and corrections. I highly recommend Irene and look forward to continuing to work with her!
25 de jan de 2024
Aluno Domenico JM Taylor
Domenico JM Taylor
81 Italiano aulas
Irene is very kind and dedicated. My studies in Italian have helped me grow professionally and personally. Her style of teaching and coaching is personalized and quite unique from any traditional methodologies. I'm continually inspired to reach my goals using la lingua italiana.
13 de jun de 2024
Aluno Anna Clare Bryson
Anna Clare Bryson
20 Italiano aulas
Excellent as always.
10 de jun de 2024
Aluno Jessica Albrecht
Jessica Albrecht
61 Italiano aulas
As always I appreciate the level of attention I receive from Irene. She takes the time to understand what I know and what I don't know, and then helps me focus on my knowledge gaps and make improvements. I appreciate her commitment to my learning experience. Additionally she is very pleasant to work with. When either of us have needed to make a change in lesson times we've been able to provide these details to each other in a timely manner when possible, and also to be flexible.
2 de jun de 2024
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