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Advice for English language learners from English tutor Alice: Good pronunciation, listening skills and comprehension is important for conversation. Notice how I didn't say 'perfect pronunciation'. You don't need perfect pronunciation. I know even as a native English speaker myself, I sometimes make mistakes. But if your accent is so strong that it makes multiple words in each sentence mis pronounced or you have very little mouth movement so you sound like your mumbling words then you should know that's the point that you need help with your speaking skills. Comprehension skills are important for conversation too. Only understanding a few words when someone is speaking to you makes you only get half of the picture of someone's thoughts that they are telling you. It's not a good idea to 'assume' what someone is saying. You could miss the point of their conversation entirely. This has been Advice for English language learners from a native English speaker that is from the United States.
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Written Exercise 238 - DIARY OF AUGUST 3RD August 3rd was Tuesday, the weather was changing. I woke up at around 5:30 am. It was not until I opened my eyes that I realized the light had been on all night long due to me falling asleep without turning it off last night. Then I turned it off and went to bed again. I did not get up until around 7:30. After that, I did the laundry and made breakfast. I also read corrections on my posts during breakfast time. The food in the picture was my lunchbox, which consisted of a dish of lo mein, a boiled egg, a small-sized apple, two pieces of cereal pudding and a 180g carton of yogurt. I ate up all the food apart from the yogurt. During the day, I finished writing an English exercise and studying half of the lesson 3 from the NCE 3 text book. I also practiced an English tongue twister for awhile. Although it drove me crazy, it was a little bit fun. At night, I went to bed at around 11:30pm. Before heading to bed, I left my phone on the desk that I could not reach to avoid playing with it in bed.
Aug 4, 2021 8:02 AM