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I moved to San Diego in June 2018 because my husband was relocated by his company. At first, I was excited but also nervous. I didn’t have any experience living abroad and my English skill was so limited. I resigned from my job so I worried about my career, and also concerned about how to make money by myself in the U.S. However, things got better. I have been a freelancer about graphic design since then. I realized I really like to work from home. Also, I have taken ESL online class since the beginning of this year. It has helped me a lot. I have learned a lot from teachers and classmates. I finally feel more confident when I speak English, and get more into this society. For me, it’s a kind of achievement, because I always hope to improve my English in the past of my life. Life always gives us some different tests, and I’m satisfied with the result of my current life.
5 ноября 2020 г.
Day 13/30 Hi everyone! Today I want to write about the important theme for a lot of people, especially for people who learn foreign languages. I want to write about dictionaries. I think they could be very helpful for everyone and sometimes it is even quite interesting to read them. I have some dictionaries like English-Russian, German-Russian, a dictionary of Russian synonims, an explanatory dictionary, a dictionary of Russian words with the alien origin... And my favourite dictionary is a etymological dictionary. It is about origin of the words and why our words are such. I think it is very interesting! And one of the most important dispute of our time is 'can online dictionaries replace paper dictionaries?' To be honest, I haven't a difinite answer. For example, I think the online translators could be more quick and more comfortable but sometimes they can't give you the full information like past forms of the verbs or all meaning of the word. And what do you think? What do you prefer, online or paper dictionaries? Which dictionaries do you have? Which online translators do you guess the best? PS: There are some of my dictionaries (but not all!) :)
13 декабря 2020 г.