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When you learn a new language, you learn that there are some interesting cultural differences as well.
今天是立夏 lìxià, what’s interesting about this solar term?👇 🍉立夏 lìxià (Beginning of summer) is the 7th solar term and the 1st solar term in summer. It shows that summer has come. 🍉立夏 is regarded as an important solar term as the temperature rises significantly, the summer heat is approaching, thunderstorms increase, and crops enter the peak season to grow. 🍉There are 3 phenology signals: the grasshoppers calling, the earthworms coming out, and the gourds growing. ——— 👩🏻‍🏫 Hi guys, I’m 邓老师 Dèng lǎoshī, a university Chinese teacher, online instructor and content creator. I’m specialized in intensive Chinese training through comprehensive input and immersion. 👉For daily practice and resources, please follow my IG/FB page: @dengmandarin 💗Want to improve your Chinese? 💗 ✔️Click on my profile or search DENG LAOSHI ✔️Find your desired course and available time ✔️Book!! 👏👏
May 5, 2021 10:23 AM
Day 125/365 In my opinion our food is the most important thing in our health( healthy) life. If you don't think about what do you eat/ how much / what quality is your food . My grandma everything tells me, it'll be better if you eat less food but this one will be good quality. She isn't rich person, and she'd lived when people didn't have anything for eat. She tells me terrible stories about last time, but it was her life, her experience. I wrote this example because I trust that a good food can help us to maintain our healthy. Certainly you can say, a good food is too expensive. Yes , it is the truth, but you don't need to but salmon, sea food or avocado or something else. Every country has some specific food, and you can choose and find something suitable for you. I believe if you cook at home it'll be much cheaper and more healthy for all your family. P.s. I hope you're doing well. My short holidays fineshed. I started to work today again.. honestly it wasn't enough for me.. Today I couldn't go to the gym, because I had lessons from morning. I hope I can do it tomorrow. Have a good time my friends! See you soon 🙏
May 5, 2021 12:53 PM