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Everyone loves food and can talk about food! Food connects the world over shared cultural traditions. Food is also an expression of one’s cultural identity.
Day 131/365 Hi folks! Let's talk about how we can stay fit without going to a gym. In the first time and the second and the third you must to correct your NUTRITION. That's the true, you can be fit without a gym , if you able to control your mouth! We drive to work, we use lift and most of us has a seating job(when you have to seat by the table or something else) we don't have enought moving, that's why we have such many overwight people all over the world. And it's a problem. Because TV, movies and series show us that if we're sad we need to eat sweet, or ice cream and we do it... But if you sad, you can do something more useful for yourself! For example, if you're a girl just do some spa. We all have some masks,scrab. Take a bathe with sweet soap 🧼 you forgot about candies and can safe your body is a good condition! If you can go to a gym, you can do more exercises at home. Nowadays we have so many opportunities! Open YouTube videos! It's a huge network, you definitely can find something suitable for you! Of you can't do some exercises ( maybe you have some pain in your knees or something else) well, you can walk! Yes, I'm not joking. Walking is a fantastic way to maintain your health. Finally, you can ride bicycle, jump with a roup, dance. Just do one thing and I promise, you can see a result in few months! Never give up!
May 11, 2021 12:56 PM
Day 130/365 Today is our day off, however our neighbors are living from the next entrance are rebuilding(renovating) their apartment since last week. We're living on the 4th floor ,they are on the first floor but we can hear this fantastic noise every single morning... Oh my gosh,they are our alarms 😅 tell me guys,what do you in this cup of tea?! The weather today is too hot 🥵. We seat at home more times.. though I went to the gym this morning and I had a perfect workout for my legs and bottom. Next I drove to the shop. We had sushi for lunch 😋, my husband cooked this. It was perfect as usual 😊. Now I'm backing bread and in 10 minutes I'm going to my private piano lesson. After that we are going for a walk! I hope it'll be not so hot. I hope you are having a good time! See you!
May 10, 2021 10:17 AM
Você já comeu brigadeiro? ❤😋🍽 O brigadeiro é um doce típico da culinária brasileira, com origem no Sudeste do país, que rapidamente se difundiu pelo Brasil, tornando-se comum em todo o país a sua presença em festas de aniversário, junto com doces como o "cajuzinho" e o "beijinho". 🥰 - Wikipedia. Have you ever eaten Brigadeiro? ❤😋🍽 The brigadeiro is a typical sweet of Brazilian cuisine, originating in the Southeast of the country, which quickly spread throughout Brazil, making its presence at birthday parties common, along with sweets such as "cajuzinho" and "beijinho". 🥰 - Wikipedia. ¿Alguna vez has comido Brigadeiro? ❤😋🍽 El brigadeiro es un dulce típico de la cocina brasileña, originario del sureste del país, que rápidamente se extendió por todo Brasil, haciendo común su presencia en las fiestas de cumpleaños, junto con dulces como el "cajuzinho" y "Beijinho". 🥰 - Wikipedia.
May 9, 2021 8:04 PM
Written Exercise 134 – A Variety Of Pastries This week, I bought some pastries from the market I usually go to in which there were [Question: WERE or ARE?] several pastry shops. They sell various pastries. Here are some of them: The pastries in picture 1 are salted duck egg yellow pastries(咸蛋黄酥饼), which are stuffed with cut salted duck egg yellow. In the pictures 2 and 5 are green onion pastries(香葱酥饼), they are salty and filled with chopped green onion. In the picture 3 are purple sweet potato pastries(紫薯酥饼), as you can see they have purple outer layers. In the picture 4 are peanut pastries(花生酥饼), which are filled with chopped peanuts. In the picture 6 are durian pastries(榴莲酥饼), they are filled with mashed durian. As seen there is only half a plate left, this is one of the hot sale pastries in the shop. In the picture 7 are century egg pastries(皮蛋酥饼), which are stuffed with cut century eggs. I have not tasted them and I guess they are salty. In the picture 8 are lotus paste pastries(莲蓉酥饼), they are filled with lotus paste. I think they are too sweet for me. In the picture 9 are sweetheart pastries(老婆饼), which are stuffed with sugared white gourd(糖冬瓜). Are there any of them you would like to try?
May 5, 2021 11:44 AM