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Looking for some language learning advice? Here our italki Teachers and Students share the best tips, tricks or advice for learning a new language.
Tips for Language Exchange Partners 1. Establish boundaries: are you ok with Skype video, whatsapp or message exchange? A real partner will respect your choices to avoid video. 2. Do not give your telephone number to anyone if it is linked to facebook, paypal or your Email. Criminals can easily clone your sim card if they have your number. 3. Look at the person's italki profile. Have they made many contributions? What are they? Look for irregularities like: no text or background info or only stating they are from USA. Scammers look for stupid people and often leave obvious signs they are fake to see who doesn't notice. 4. Avoid direct questions about your personal life. Choose a topic from www.esldiscussions.com until you know the person better. 5. If you don't feel comfortable, trust your instincts, block the person and walk away. Remember scammers can wait months to build up personal relationships with you. 6. If the person seems vague or not interested then choose a topic, many people don't know how to hold a conversation or do an exchange. A scammer is more likely to be expert at drawing you in with words talking only about your or their personality. 7. Absolutely avoid conversations about religion or personal bellefs. 8. Is the person a teacher? Ask directly if he expects payment or is only searching for students. Report him to italki if he pressures you to take lessons at any point. The word teacher does not always mean honesty. Most of all stay safe and happy.
September 4, 2020
Does anybody else feel like italki has lost the community side that it had before? It seems a little ironic that it's changed to be more of a social media platform but lost that side of itself. I feel like before the change there were some interesting discussions about language and culture. The questions section led to some fascinating exchanges about syntax and idiom. It was often the same with notebook entries. Very few of the people that I follow post now (probably because it's difficult to type on a phone). Questions either seem to be ignored or get 1000 replies, which are often wrong. The whole site feels much more anonymous now. I didn't actually like the downvote option we had before, but now I find a lot of incorrect answers are up-voted, which is unhelpful to people. I wonder if it actually helped the community. I actually think that, perhaps, a lot of the issues could be fixed if a language exchange section was provided again. Every part of the site seems to be 80% language partner requests and I guess nobody can see much else through that background noise. I know that italki's main aim is to get people to take lessons, but it seems to me that having all of the other parts helped that. There are many sites that you can find tutors on, but not many that provide the other options alongside; cultural discussions, writing corrections, answers to language questions. The reasons you need to stay here and use italki as a tutor platform. I hope that some of the feedback is listened to. I for one don't feel as inclined to be here as much, writing and correcting, as I did before. From watching my following feed, I assume it is the case with others as well?
September 5, 2020