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For years I have dedicated myself as a hardworking hotel staff in Japan. I believe I got to know there are not only good things but many unreasonable happening on this job. Considering things as a whole package, I find it fulfilling and challenging, which brought me to this application. I'd like to know the dynamics of hotels in Germany, how things work in-house, what is valued here and what is important when dealing with customers in Europe. I expect it would be a refreshing experience and am highly motivated to work as a member of your staffs. Since this is more of learning than working for me, I am willing to commit myself for free salary or as an intern, not sticking to paid mini-job. For seven months, I dedicated myself as a room attendant(Bellman), Front reception assistant and a housekeeper. I also experienced housekeeping and room service as a part of work but it was for only several weeks. The main task given was to welcome guests with warm hospitality as a bell staff and receptionist. The employer was an internationally famous resort hotel where The G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit did take place. Because of the prestige and fame of the luxurious hotel, I gained a valuable experience of treating travelers from abroad and sometimes the VIPS of various countries such as governmental leading figures. I worked for this city hotel in Kumamoto Japan for eleven months. Mostly I devoted as a breakfast attendant early in the morning, serving as a friendly, hardworking, and punctual employee. Sometimes it was required to bridge the gap between the front section and the restaurant section, including sharing information on customers or escorting them from/to the buffet restaurant. Could anyone correct my English please? The passage above is a part of my CVs which I wrote to apply for some jobs. Some parts of it can be illogical or out of context as I excerpted them from the whole from part to part. Please never mind. Thank you very much in advance.
Aug 3, 2021 11:44 PM