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Learning languages to boost your career? You’ve come to the right place! Read and share your experiences about resume building, interview tips, and business etiquette.
Vamos falar inglês / Давайте поговорим по-английски / хајде да причамо енглески / 英語を話そう Vamos falar Inglês de Negócios / Давайте поговорим по-английски: бизнес / Хајде да причамо на енглеском: Посао / 英語ビジネスについて話そう Hello everyone. I would like to introduce myself to the Italki community. I am a native English speaker from Johannesburg in South Africa. I have a TEFL certificate and a TEFL Business certificate. With over 20 years business experience and + 5 years teaching experience, I hope to help you on your English learning journey. If you would like to practice your general English conversation or Business speaking skills, please visit my profile where you can book a lesson. I have business experience in various fields including Finance, Administration, Legal, Marketing & Recycling. I enjoy talking to people and helping them learn new things. In my spare time I enjoy fixing and upcycling furniture, as well as gardening. Contact me now and we can discuss your English learning goals. I offer the following lessons on Italki: Let's Talk : English Conversation (Vamos falar inglês) (Давайте поговорим по-английски) (хајде да причамо енглески) (英語を話そう) Let's Talk: Business (Vamos falar Inglês de Negócios) (Давайте поговорим по-английски: бизнес) (Хајде да причамо на енглеском: Посао) (英語ビジネスについて話そう)
Oct 19, 2021 8:32 PM