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Day 108/365 Do you know what is it? It's one of my favorites fruit here in China. It's jackfruit. This is a huge fruts. It grows in the trees. One fruit has weight about 55 kg (120pounds). One mature tree can produce 200 fruits per year. Old trees can do even more about 500 fruits. It's very popular in Asian countries. The poor people in Thailand (and not only their) use this fruit except bread , because this one is very calories. When it is a ripe, it has yellow or even orange collors and It has a sweet taste. Yearly there's a vegan festival in Thailand. People cook some food and they don't use meat. Instead of this they use vegetables, beans and green(unripe) jackfruit. The structure (of)a green (of) jackfruit is the same like meat. They make chops and other dishes, and when you eat it this tastes like meat. I love this fruit. It's very sweet and it has a very strong sweet smell. If you can ,try it. It's really delicious!
Apr 18, 2021 9:58 AM