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Hello, Everyone! I am Andrey. I live in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. I am passionate about learning foreign languages. English - is my main interest in this sphere now. I hope that my current level of it is B2. Unfortunately, in my country a few people can speak fluently in English and it's not so easy to find practice of the target language on needed level. That’s why I try to find the ways of communication in English in the Internet. I had read in two books and some sources in the World Wide Web about ITALKI.com web site, and I decided to try this site for improving my English. My experience of italki.com is absolutely amazing and inspiring. My mother tongue is Russian. Also, I know a little bit Uzbek, as i live in Uzbekistan. Besides I interested in Latin and Turkish languages. I respect all people who tries to study some more languages in their lives. Especially I like to share experience about ways and life hacks of languages learning that such people use. From time to time I write about my personal ways and practices of learning foreign languages on my blog - www.andreyus.com. The content of this blog is mostly in Russian. I will be interested in to have penpals on this site or through email. I guess it is wonderful way to improve writing abilities of target language. If somebody would like to exchange 1-2 emails a week in English about life in different countries, traveling, personal experience and especially ways to learn new languages - we can cooperate. Please, write me in DM or on my email - andreyus [@] gmail.com. I wish all of you good mood and more languages to know.
Sep 18, 2021 3:12 PM