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Yes!! I play the venezuelan cuatro, some drums and the maracas. My mother told me that when my grandfather died no one took an instrument at home because there was a lot of sadness. Seven years later, when I was born my mother and my uncles started to play again for me, as my coming brought happiness to the family. Music was always around me (Live music), and I remember as I child the emotion inside me when I asked my mother or my uncles to play something for me. I like to make others happy when they ask me to play something, specially if they are children. In my case, music is part of my familiar and cultural identity. I felt totally in love with venezuelan music when my mother played this song for me: https://youtu.be/gxIibzxf8Ok Here you can hear how the "cuatro" sounds like: https://youtu.be/wpba9KpWg-o Here you listen how fulía's drums sounds: https://youtu.be/Lx9O0lma4ek I play music to remember my family, always. Love for them 💕💕
Sep 19, 2021 4:07 PM
مقدرش عالنسيان: مقدرش ع النسيان و لو طال الزمن دايما على بالي و عمري ما نسيت ياما قالي احساسي هنرجع في امل و بقلبي غنيتلك اه وفي دروبك مشيت انا لسة عايش ليك و قلبي ليك بيحن و كام ليلة من لهفة اشواقي ناديت ازاي حبيبي انساك و مين غيرك احن عايش على الذكرى وعمري ما نسيت مقدرش عالنسيان ولو طال الزمن دايما على بالي وعمري مانسيت ارجعلي زي زمان مفيش وقت لزعل ايامنا واحشاني ارجع مستني ايه قولي اعمل ايه تاني اكتر من اللي اتعمل بعدك على عيني و مش قادر عليه انا لسا عايش ليك وقلبي ليك بيحن وكام ليلة من لهفة اشواقي ناديت ازاي حبيبي انساك ومين غيرك احن عايش على الذكرى وعمري ما نسيت https://youtu.be/B2XHjRrKjME With English subtitles :) 😊
Sep 19, 2021 2:02 AM
Day 264/365 Hello everyone, today we watched a quite interesting video on YouTube, about a right upbringing children from 0 to 1 year. We don't have children yet, but now we was beginning to learn some information about this question. So, psychologist in this video talking about it and explain many important acpects. She says that mother should stay close to the baby every time, especially until 1year. Because there are some neurons in baby's head,and if he can't find his mother when he wakes up (for example) he can get some problems in the future. He can be nervous, because in this based of period, he had stressful situation. Even father can't be instead of mother. I don't know this yet excetly, but in my opinion, it happens because mothers have a very strong and particular link between them and their children. Maybe you know something about this,maybe you have a big experience, please share with me . Thanks in advance! P.s. this picture I took a few days ago in our park with a lake.
Sep 18, 2021 2:59 PM