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Are you taking the italki Language Challenge? Let's share, motivate, and track our progress together!
** Win italki Credits! Language Challenge Progress Check ** Share your Language Challenge progress and win some italki Credits! Complete the following and you might win $10 in italki Credits! 1. In the comments below, upload a screenshot of your current Language Challenge progress 2. Write down a new phrase that you learned from your most recent italki lesson All Language Challenge participants who make a comment in this post completing the 2 steps above by October 14th will be eligible to win $10 in italki Credits. We will be selecting 3 winners of $10 in italki Credits on October 15th and announcing the winners here! ------------------------------------------------------------ We have selected the winners below: Kirsten A. Heilbut Margaret-Ann ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Constance Sullivan Thanks everyone for participating and see you at the next community activity!
September 30, 2020
**Record your speaking level before the Challenge - Make an Audio Post** 1. Write out (or copy/paste) at least 3 sentences in your target language. 2. Tap the microphone icon to start recording 3. Share your post to the Community! Are you taking the challenge? Let's share, motivate, and track our progress together! Practice is progress, so you're officially invited to make an audio post and record your speaking level before the challenge. You can make more #italkiLanguageChallenge audio posts to track your speaking progress. At the end, you can listen to your past recordings and hear an improvement in your speaking ability! Sharing is caring, so if someone is learning your native language, why not give them some feedback? Teamwork makes the dream work, let's tackle the #italkiLanguageChallenge together!
September 14, 2020