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Tell a story based on a picture. This is a fun, educational activity that helps everyone unleash their creative potential for storytelling in the learning language.
The other day I was talking with a person who as a child experienced a dramatic event that totally changed his life. I don't know why, but it made me think of a comic book I had read a few days earlier. I thought of Superman, who as a young man lost his adopting father, the one who raised him as his own son. His father died and Superman didn't have time to say goodbye because he was busy fighting a terrible monster. If his father hadn't died at that precise moment in his life, Superman would probably have stayed in a small town as a farmer, along with his dad. Instead, after that event, he decided to move to a big city - Metropolis - and become the hero the whole world knows. And then, I went on talking to that person I was talking to at that moment, and this came out of my mouth: "So, in a way, you too have become the superhero that everyone who has been close to you over this long period has known. In a way, even if it is difficult to admit it, that event changed your life and made you the great person you are today".
2021年5月10日 18:16