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When I traveled to France, I was so surprised that people gave each other two kisses on the cheek when they met. Here in Peru, we give only one. Two kisses seem like too much haha. I think I never got used to the greetings because I stopped at one kiss and people stared like saying "why isn't she giving two kisses?". Also, as a 'latina', I noticed the coldness between people. Young people didn't spend much time with their families, they just went out with their friends. I think here family time is more valuable and teens get out of their house later in age. Just to point out this is not a generalization, there are probably families that aren't like that. I of course would go back to France, I love discovering cultural differences because that shows me how rich this world is!
16 May 2022 22:52
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Thank you for sharing about this! In Indonesia the way we greet is almost similar like what you've seen in French. But I guess it's for the older generation aka (my mum's generation) I guess. But in my generation, it's more to casual or maybe just go straightly in giving a hug instead of kiss :) I love your picture as well!
17 Mayıs 2022
In China, a kiss can only be given to a lover or one's own children. Because it's a very intimate way of contact.
21 Mayıs 2022
yeahyeah it sounds so wonderful
25 Mayıs 2022
Hi Silvana 😁 in Italy we differentiate the two types of kisses. It's used to give two kisses to people with who you are not very familiar, while for formal situations you just shake hands. People usually give the single kiss to friends or family members
19 Mayıs 2022
Eres de Perú?
17 Mayıs 2022
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