Hi, I’m MAMIN. I’m looking for a language exchange partner. My English level is A1 and I’m a native of Japanese. We can practice talking on zoom. (just chat on italki is ok😆)
7 Ara 2022 13:28
Yorumlar · 4
I'm interested!
10 Aralık 2022
Hi Mamin san. Let's be language partner and exchange language practice for free. I am learning Japanese and I can practice English with you. Please kindly msg me if u are keen. Thanks and have a nice day.
8 Aralık 2022
Welcome MAMIN. But your profile says it's A2, so you're well on your way. I'm sure you'll progress quickly if you try hard enough.
7 Aralık 2022
MAMIN, はじめました Could you send me a text? Or Open ur text box.😊
7 Aralık 2022