Lina Kanyavskaya
I really like italki, I meet here my teacher, and I can feel how my language skils are getting better every week!
22 Tem 2022 13:12
Yorumlar · 8
That's great. Just to assist. You are trying to say "I met my teacher here" the sentence must be in past tense. Hope you keep enjoying
4 Ağustos 2022
Hi lina how are you! Nice to meet you! I would like to improve my speaking of hebrew, because i can understand almost everything, but not to speak well. And is a language that i want to manage better because i go frequently to Israel.. we have house there! I can help you in a exchange to you, with your spanish! See you
4 Ağustos 2022
Italki really is an excellent platform to learn. 💯 Keep up the good work! 💕
30 Temmuz 2022
Hello Lina👋My name is Ayesha. I would love to help you learn English 😊 I can create personalized lessons for you based on your needs to help you practice and improve your English.Feel free to message me, it would be great to meet you🌈
21 Ekim 2022
F*ck Israel
11 Ağustos 2022
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