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Kiswahili is my second language– Fulbright Scholar & Linguist with 10 years of teaching experience.
Başlangıç: Amerika Birleşik DevletleriYaşadığı yer: Kigoma, Tanzanya Birleşik Cumhuriyeti (17:51 UTC+03:00)
13 Oct 2023 tarihinden bu yana italki öğretmeni
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Swahili is my second language by complete immersion living in Tanzania for many years. I’m an anthropologist with love for language and culture. Becoming fluent in Swahili within 1-year allowed me to conduct qualitative research in Swahili, craft my Master’s thesis, and finish my postgraduate studies at the University of Dar es Salaam. I used a self-taught approach to Swahili, combining the most recommended resources. But what truly gave me my Swahili are the lasting friendships I’ve cultivated and the daily conversations I share with native speakers from Tanzania and DR Congo. Let’s explore the connection between language and culture!

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Kiswahili Graphic Novels! 💥 (NEW COURSE– 30% discount!) 💢 Comprehensible Input through Storytime 📚
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🏠 FOUNDATIONS OF KISWAHILI 🏰 The Fundamentals Customized For You 🚀 Step by Step Introduction to Kiswahili Grammar & Conversation
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Mazungumzo kwa Kiswahili 💯 Improve more complicated Grammar, Verb Tenses and Vocabulary through Conversations Together 🗣️
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Öğrenci Emmanuel Eleyae
Emmanuel Eleyae
10Svahili ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Mwalimu Tina is the best Swahili teacher on italki, and I’ve worked with multiple teachers just to confirm. The major difference is that she has learned Kiswahili as an adult!Most others instructors that learned as children cannot relate to being an adult learner. She uses lots of different learning aids to teach with. Other people are just trying to have a conversation with you, or worse, asking you to lead the sessions… That’s what the teacher is for! They aren’t proactively providing teaching plans customized to your level like she is. Mwalimu Tina gives textbooks, reading assignments, recordings for pronunciation practice and even chats in between sessions to help make sure you have all parts of the language learning toolkit at your disposal. The materials really aid study and enable the student to be self empowered between sessions. That really gives you a sense of control as a student so you can feel like you’re actually making progress and not just randomly chatting.
22 Mar 2024
Öğrenci Loissa
6Svahili ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
I am not getting another teacher in Kiswahili because I've found the best...and that's Tina! I'm too lazy to write reviews sometimes but Tina really injects a lot of fun in learning a foreign language. You REALLY get stuff done in 1 hour. I feel like if I keep having lessons with Tina, in just 1 year I can get people to believe that my 100% Asian self grew up speaking Kiswahili 😄
19 Ara 2023
Öğrenci Peter
21Svahili ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Tina is a great teacher/tutor. She has an incredible understanding of Swahilli and for native English speakers, she can unlock the language by providing them with the right materials and conversations to help the student quickly focus on learning th things that drives fluency. Tina is a great resource to build towards my first goal which is to achive fluency. For those considering getting help in the language journey, I would highly recommend Tina.
6 Kas 2023
Öğrenci Katharine
14Svahili ders
I love learning with Mwalimu Tina because our learning together is engaging & relevant for how natives speak colloquial Kiswahili. She’s helped me learn the language in context by using fun stories! When Tina sees a concept that I need more reinforcement with such as prepositional phrases or negating, she’ll assign exercises that target those skills directly. Tina adapts her instruction effortlessly during the lesson by slowing down, jumping ahead, or referencing previous examples as needed. She makes a plan with her learners of how they’d like to approach their language journey & helped me find other tools to practice my Kiswahili. She’s also checked in between our lessons & invited me to try fun little challenges such as recording myself in Kiswahili on various topics! Tina is incredibly kind & she relates to how I’ve felt being surrounded at home by an unfamiliar language— all this is why mpenzi wangu (my Tanzanian partner) & I both think Tina is the best Kiswahili teacher for me!🇹🇿💛
29 Mar 2024
Öğrenci edward siu
edward siu
12Svahili ders
Mwalimu Tina is back after illness. She is the perfect teacher for English speakers because she can explain the nuances between formal Kiswahili and everyday spoken Kiswahili. Her enthusiasm is infectious. Thank you
26 Mar 2024
Öğrenci Laura
6Svahili ders
Another super class with Mwalimu Tina! This was a great way to practice negative sentences in Swahili, an aspect of Swahili grammar I am struggling with a lot. I very much appreciated Mwalimu Tina's patience, encouragement and explanations throughout the class in addition to the words she typed out in the chat for me to follow along, this was very helpful. Asante sana kwa kipindi chetu leo, Mwalimu Tina, ninashukuru sana kazi yako.
24 Mar 2024
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