Isabella Comuzzi

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Learn Italian with Isa!
Başlangıç: İtalyaYaşadığı yer: Rome, İtalya (07:36 UTC+02:00)
19 Mar 2022 tarihinden bu yana italki öğretmeni
İlgi çeken konuMüzikOkumaSeyahat
Hello everybody! I'm Isabella, I was born in a small city called Udine and I've recently completed my Master in Modern Philology (Literature) in Padova. During these years I've had the opportunity to study and work abroad in Belgium, Portugal, and US where I was able to learn a lot around Linguistics, Languages, and human beings. I’m a passionate musician (I play piano and sing) and I love nurturing mind, body, and soul. For these reasons I enjoy good conversations around philosophy, psychology, literature, arts. I hike and practice yoga and meditation.

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FORMER STUDENTS Conversazione in Italiano per tutti i livelli: principiante, intermedio, avanzato
B1 -  C2

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Un po' di GRAMMATICA (per principianti, intermedi e avanzati)
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NEW STUDENTS: Conversazione in Italiano per studenti intermedi e avanzati
A2 -  C2

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Candace Predolin
46İtalyanca ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
My 13 year old daughter loves her. They were doing only conversation for a few months. We wanted my daughter to also get more specific grammar help, and Isabella restructured the lessons and is now doing both. Super flexible and great to work with.
5 Oca 2023
Jesse Gearhart
5İtalyanca ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Isabella is a fantastic tutor. Today we had a much more profound conversation, and even though I didn't quite have the vocabulary, she was very patient and helped me translate and fumble through so that we could keep the conversation going. Her high level of English is invaluable for translating on the fly so that the conversation never stops. Thank you so much Isabella!
26 Nis 2022
Brian Beyer
6İtalyanca ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Isabella is incredibly patient and kind. I don't think you could ask for better conversation practice.
12 Nis 2022
11İtalyanca ders
Isabella is a wonderful teacher who is considerate and passionate about Italian! I feel comfortable making mistakes and learning from them with her. She encourages me to continue speaking as much as possible. She also customizes our content and we talk about both of our interests every lesson :)
25 Eyl 2023
hasan alvi
3İtalyanca ders
Really good at assessing my level and pushing me (positively!) to get better.
21 Eyl 2023
1İtalyanca ders
13 Eyl 2023
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