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Job Interview Preparation| Business English Communication| Helping You Get 9.0 in IELTS Speaking
Başlangıç: Birleşik KrallıkYaşadığı yer: London, Birleşik Krallık (13:08 UTC+05:00)
29 Mar 2022 tarihinden bu yana italki öğretmeni
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Hi, I am Anatoly, a mindset coach, the top 1% of all English Teachers on Italki in 2022! I help students find solutions to their life's problems! Are you worried/doubtful/scared about your performance in English? If you said yes, it’s not a language-barrier matter. It’s of psychological nature!!! Realizing it helped me to help more than 17 thousand students from 62 countries in my teaching career. This is what I do: 1. Helping business owners (C-level managers) for important meetings in English 2. Preparing corporate staff for job interviews. 3. IELTS speaking test takers. Say goodbye to language barriers with my tailored solutions today by joining my private classes now!

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x10 Your Business Communication Skills. Please read the description.
A2 -  C1


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10% indirimli paket
x10 Your IELTS Speaking Performance! Band 8-9 is possible!!!
A2 -  C1

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x10 Your Confidence in Spoken English & Communication Skills
A2 -  C1

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Biz Owner|CEO|C-level Management - Preparations for Business Presentations Meetings and Beyond.
A2 -  C1


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Job Interview Preparation - Helping Your Succeed At The Next Interview.
A2 -  C1


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Öğrenci Joy
11İngilizce ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
I’ve gotten the job twice as the result of Anatoly's help in a matter of few sessions with him!!! I am a corporate lawyer and I needed his assistance to be prepared for different rounds of interviews. As you can see my previous testimonial on his page – we did a great job together with him in the first round of interviews. Now, I am eager and excited to tell that I am starting a new job in an American company through his help! This is exciiiitiiiing!!!!! Anatoly, thanks again for your coaching and support. My teachability helped me massively to accept your ideas and teachings which in turn helped me to get the job!
10 Kas 2023
Öğrenci Eva Xiao
Eva Xiao
10İngilizce ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
1 Mar 2023
Öğrenci Irena Nikolova
Irena Nikolova
57İngilizce ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
In our classes Anatoly gave me more than just business English training. He not only taught me to negotiate but also taught me the psychology of communication plus how to make my partner feel important! Before the meeting my stress levels were high as I never went abroad for a business meeting ( and I am a girl !)... and it was a meeting in English! ( which is a foreign language to me of course). Anatoly changed the way I looked at the upcoming event “from a business meeting” to a “discovery meeting” - where I simply had to greet and talk to the person without being afraid. That made me extremely calm and it was the turning point for me - I felt confident and ready to succeed!
28 Şub 2023
Öğrenci italki336142
6İngilizce ders
Today's course is of great significance to me. What impressed me the most was the unique deep breathing relaxation method taught by the teacher, which quickly calmed my heart and quickly entered my optimal state. Through the teacher's engaging and interactive teaching, I not only learned about the relevant knowledge of the IELTS exam, but also gained life experience, which is very helpful for my long-term development. By actively participating in the classroom, using real cases and practical exercises, I have gained a pleasant and effective learning experience. In class, the teacher provided constructive feedback and guidance, pointing out that my answers were too general and giving me tips to help me expand my answer content and add details, while also acknowledging my progress and efforts. It is worth mentioning that his suggestion of deep breathing and self encouragement can greatly improve the quality of my answers. You to pave your way to success. 中国人不骗中国人,Anatoly绝对物有所值,真的是个好老师!
10 Nis 2024
Öğrenci italki336142
6İngilizce ders
今天的课程对我来说具有非常重要意义。 令我印象最深的是老师传授的独特的深呼吸放松方式,它能快速让我平静内心,很快进入了最佳状态。从老师引人入胜、互动性强的教学中我不仅学习了雅思考试的相关知识,还增长了人生经验,对我的长期发展很有帮助。通过积极参与课堂,运用真实案例和实用练习,我收获了愉快又有效的学习体验。 在课堂上,老师提供了建设性的反馈和指导,指出了我回答问题太过笼统的问题,并给予我提示,帮助我扩充回答内容,增添细节,同时也肯定了我的进步和努力。值得一提的是,他建议的深呼吸和自我鼓励能够极大地提高我回答问题的质量他,同时我发现老师推荐的chat-gpt对我有很大的帮助,从中我获得了大量的灵感来源和清晰的回答逻辑,激励我不断努力提高语言能力。 我相信在老师的带领下,我将收获更多的知识和成功者的思维模式,这将是我在前行道路上的指明灯。
10 Nis 2024
Öğrenci Jackie
5İngilizce ders
I'm actually preparing for my MBA interview so I found Anatoly randomly on italki. It turned out to be a nice surprise. As a founder of a corporate, I really had very limited time and need to reach my goal efficiently.Anatoly just wowed me by how quickly he has found out the core of my problem before I have even realized myself. He is not just a teacher who help you with the language, but also a mentor that assist you to pave your way to success. 中国人不骗中国人,Anatoly绝对物有所值,真的是个好老师,遇到他是学生的幸运!
28 Mar 2024
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