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Başlangıç: Kore CumhuriyetiYaşadığı yer: Daejeon, Kore Cumhuriyeti (17:53 UTC+09:00)
8 Aug 2023 tarihinden bu yana italki öğretmeni
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Hello, I'm your Korean tutor, Heejin. I have studied English, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai because I do love languages. These days, I am studying Indonesian. Therefore, I clearly understand the difficulties you feel when you study Korean as a foreign language. "Why are Korean and mother tongue so different?", "How should I study foreign languages?" I guess You have had a lot of worries. Stop thinking. My class solves your worries! 안녕하세요? 여러분의 한국어 선생님, 희진입니다. 저는 외국어를 좋아해서 영어, 일본어, 중국어, 태국어를 공부했어요. 요즘은 인도네시아어를 공부하고 있습니다. 덕분에 저는 여러분이 외국어를 공부할 때 느끼는 어려움을 확실하게 이해하고 있어요. "한국어와 모국어는 왜 이렇게 다르지?!", "외국어는 어떻게 공부해야 하지?" 정말 고민이 많죠? 그 고민들을 제가 해결해 드릴게요!

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Öğrenci Tia
7Korece ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
My teacher is one of a kind, love her class and support. she is super busy so only see her once a week but I do my best to adapt my schedule around her schedule. Her methodology motivates me to learn in a fun and safe environment in which I dont feel judge for my mistakes and pronunciation. She understands the process of learning and I will stick to her from now on,
28 Eki 2023
Öğrenci Tia
7Korece ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
It was my very first time with teacher Heejin and I was very impressed by her methodology. She is not using a book to teach you but she adds many extras methodologies that only comes with experience and this make her very special. I want to study with her and It took time to find a good teacher with whom I can project myself studying for a long time. See you soon!
21 Eki 2023
Öğrenci Mea_ Culpa
Mea_ Culpa
6Korece ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Heejin is really patient and a kind teacher. She explain thoroughly the grammar and the materials. Provides the materials and does the note taking. So you don't have to stress too much about the lesson, or that you have missed something. Always been a great expirience.
30 Eyl 2023
Öğrenci Evan Dahlstrom
Evan Dahlstrom
4Korece ders
Heejin did an excellent job of guiding me through Hangeul today. Looking forward to my next lesson with her.
1 Nis 2024
Öğrenci Evan Dahlstrom
Evan Dahlstrom
4Korece ders
Heejin was patient with me as I have never taken a iTalki class before and was excited a passion within me to do even more classes!
17 Mar 2024
Öğrenci Nick Don
Nick Don
1Korece ders
Thank you so much. You are an amazing teacher!
15 Mar 2024
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