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Speak, Thrive, and Fly: Unleash Your Linguistic Power! ★ Test Preparation ★ Pareto Principle 80/20★
Başlangıç: AlmanyaYaşadığı yer: Berlin, Almanya (08:10 UTC+01:00)
15 Mar 2016 tarihinden bu yana italki öğretmeni
İlgi çeken konuSanatFilmlerOkuma
Welcome to my profile! ★ With 7,000+ lessons taught and over 1,300 students, I'm Ana, your professional German/English/Serbian teacher. My expertise ranges from working with corporate clients like Google, IBM, and Zurich Insurance to polyglots and children. I hold degrees in German Language and Literature from the University of Belgrade and the University of Hamburg. I've also studied Cinema at HfbK in Hamburg with Prof. Wim Wenders and Media Studies at Humboldt University in Berlin. My past employers include the University of Hamburg, Berlitz, and Goethe Institute Certified Schools. As a language enthusiast, I adore movies, Murakami, yoga, and my cherished elephant in Kenya!

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English A1-C2 / Standard courses with books and homework. New students can book from 1.03.24
A1 -  C2


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Job Interview Preparation/CV - New students can book now for dates starting 1st October. New students can book from 1.03.24
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English for Kids & Teens / New students can book now for dates starting 1st October. New students can book from 1.03.24
A1 -  C2


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Yenny Cheung
59Almanca ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
I've been learning German with Ana for 5 months now. It's quite a wonder that I just passed the B1 Goethe Exam with a pretty good score! When I first started with Ana, my German was at around A1 and I couldn't form any sentences properly. I wanted to learn the language to feel more at home here in Germany. And now, I can actually chat with people in German and hang out at local events without feeling out of place. Learning German has actually become fun! With Ana, she'll help you build a strong foundation in the language. She uses a variety of methods so you get the hang of speaking German way faster than in regular classes. Also she is super knowledgeable in languages and culture, not just German. You can always count on her to make your speaking exercises fun.
15 Kas 2023
Elena Stasyuk
8İngilizce ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Ana is a friendly, energetic and super productive teacher! We discussed numbers of themes and questions about my future job interview and it was amazing! I got a feedback about my knowledges, and got a lot of homework to do so it was more than just an one hour lesson! Thank you 🙏
17 Eki 2023
Samantha Gamez
20Almanca ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
This has been my third class with Ana and I am really enjoying myself. From the start, she has been exactly the type of teacher I need! After hearing what my goals are (certificate testing prep), she started providing me with helpful tips and tricks for outside practice. She has been checking in on my base skills to help fill in any gaps I had previously before we move on to newer content and this makes me feel confident about what I can do. Plus, she is a really knowledgeable and friendly person, who keeps me motivated! The classes always go by quick and I walk away having learned so much!
7 Ağu 2023
James Webster
1Almanca ders
First lesson with Ana to explore my current level. Ana expertly & rapidly exposed where I may be lacking. Tested out my comprehension of some basic vocabulary and constructing sentences utilising modal verbs etc... Quick fire session & very impactful. Highly recommended.
6 Şub 2024
Teresa Rimpler
2Almanca ders
I am so glad that I finally took the plunge and booked a lesson with Ana! She has made me feel, after just a short space of time, confident in that I can finally achieve my goals in learning German. Very encouraging teaching manner and clearly an expert in learning languages herself. Ana is inspirational and I will now be booking my first package with her.
15 Oca 2024
Jorge Wan
6Almanca ders
Very nice first lesson, very complete and constructive assessment of my language level and very nice guidance.
9 Oca 2024
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