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Lucky Yancy

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Başlangıç: ÇinYaşadığı yer: Shenyang, Çin (06:22 UTC+08:00)
29 Oct 2019 tarihinden bu yana italki öğretmeni
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Hello, everyone!👻 I'm Lucky Yancy from China. I've been doing some small businesses for nearly 10 years so far. 'Make learning a way of life. ', that's my motto. 😊 In my spare time, I love reading books📒, doing workout🏂,  writing stories📃 and then post on my YouTube channel. Because of my career, I've traveled many cities in China✈, and so get more opportunities to communicate with lots of people from different areas. I hope my knowledge and my life experiences can help you to learn about Chinese language and culture so that you can break the barrier between cultural differences. Thanks for reading! I am looking forward to talking to you soon.😁

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Everyday Chinese Conversation (pre-intermediate above)
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VIP Chinese Business and Philosophy ( Uper Intermediate above)
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One-hour Trial Lesson ( one chance per student)
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Öğrenci Nic Morgan
Nic Morgan
196Çince (Mandarin) ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Yancy is so sweet and kind. Her personality makes the lesson very relaxed and enjoyable. Looking forward to our next lesson!
21 Oca 2020
Öğrenci Marcelo E.
Marcelo E.
1Çince (Mandarin) ders
My first class with Yancy was very entertaining. She was very patient in explaining the different tones of the Chinese language, providing me with multiple examples and time to practice them. Additionally, at the end of the class, Yancy sent me a PDF document summarizing what we saw in class today. I'm looking forward to the next class.
10 Ara 2023
Öğrenci Courtney Kwan
Courtney Kwan
1Çince (Mandarin) ders
Lucky Yancy's quality of language is excellent, but the style of conversation was not conducive to my learning needs. Her speech was fast and she spent most of the time talking.
9 Kas 2023
Öğrenci Dawson “Skipperjolle
Dawson “Skipperjolle
3Çince (Mandarin) ders
Had fun, and some good practice! I plan on booking again.
27 Eki 2023
Öğrenci Santiago Salazar
Santiago Salazar
1Çince (Mandarin) ders
Yancy is very kind and cheerful, I enjoyed our class and her attitude :)
2 Eki 2023
Öğrenci Giulia
3Çince (Mandarin) ders
As always, it was a great lesson. Yancy老师 creates a comfortable atmosphere for the student to speak. She's very flexible in regards to the topics and she's also quite knowledgeable. I'm very happy to have her as my teacher and look forward to many more lessons!
18 Eyl 2023
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