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🎓Expert English Language Specialist: I Help Students Master Academic Writing, Speaking & IELTS ✅
Başlangıç: Birleşik KrallıkYaşadığı yer: Toronto, Kanada (14:28 UTC-04:00)
12 Mar 2018 tarihinden bu yana italki öğretmeni
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Hello! I am Daniel Shaw (BA Hons, Dip. TESOL, MA. TESOL), an experienced University English Professor, IELTS expert, Writing Specialist, Published Author, and Professional Educator with 12+ years of experience. ➡️Skills: •Licensed English teacher (PGCE) •12 years of global teaching experience with all ages/abilities • TESL Level 3 certified, a Diploma and an MA in TESOL & Applied Linguistics • IELTS Certified ➡️ Professional Teaching Services I offer: • Getting it Write (Professional Academic Writing Course) • Speaking Development Plus+ (Professional Speaking Course) • IELTS Made Simple (Intensive IELTS Program) • Proofreading & Interview Preparation • Coaching for Online English Teachers

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Deneme Dersi
111 ders tamamlandı
USD 15.00+
Speak Like a Native! 💬 Professional Conversation Development Course - *ALL Levels & Abilities*
A1 -  C2

Konuşma Pratiği

333 ders tamamlandı
USD 45.00+
11% indirimli paket
IELTS Made Simple: 📚 A Full 20+ Lesson Intensive IELTS Coaching Program - *IELTS General/Academic/Life Skills*
A1 -  C2

Sınav Hazırlığı

307 ders tamamlandı
USD 45.00+
11% indirimli paket
Getting it Write: ✍️ Professional Academic Writing Course - *For Essays, Thesis, Dissertations and Research Papers*
A1 -  C2


162 ders tamamlandı
USD 45.00+
22% indirimli paket
Coaching for Online English Teachers - *For Community/Professional Teachers*
A1 -  B2


81 ders tamamlandı
USD 40.00
Professional Coaching: 💼 Proofreading & Interview Preparation - *For Academic/Professional Purposes*
A1 -  C2


73 ders tamamlandı
USD 45.00+
11% indirimli paket

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Öğrenci Clover
18İngilizce ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Daniel is a great teacher and gives valuable feedback for my interview mock for a faculty position. Just received the on-site invitation this morning. Thank you Daniel!!! I deeply appreciate your feedback!
4 Mar 2024
Öğrenci Roseanne
13İngilizce ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
The greatest teacher I have ever met. All quality of a good teacher can be found in Daniel. By taking academic writing classes systematically with Daniel, I have learnt and practiced a lot and feel much more confident in writing.
20 Mar 2022
Öğrenci Minh
14İngilizce ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Last Lesson with my favorite teacher on iTalki. Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and for all the great lessons you have prepared for me. Every single lesson was interesting and fun and made me want to learn and improve.
9 Tem 2021
Öğrenci Clover
18İngilizce ders
Daniel is an amazing teacher! I have taking multiple lessons from Daniel. He helped me polish my job market materials and prepare for interviews for academic positions. Daniel offered detailed feedback during the lessons, which was super helpful. Highly recommended!
27 Şub 2024
Öğrenci Huda Akeel
Huda Akeel
2İngilizce ders
This is the third time I have booked Daniel for his services to review my essays. I cannot thank him enough for being a polite, friendly, and professional person. If I need any such services in the future, I will hesitate to contact him again. Thank you Daniel.
20 Eki 2023
Öğrenci Joanna
9İngilizce ders
Thank you for the great introduction:-) Thanks to you, I am beginning to believe in my English.
1 Haz 2023
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