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Paul Coleman

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Başlangıç: Birleşik KrallıkYaşadığı yer: Eastbourne, Birleşik Krallık (09:30 UTC+01:00)
12 Feb 2021 tarihinden bu yana italki öğretmeni
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Hi, I'm Paul and I'm a qualified English teacher from England, now based in the UK. I love teaching English to adults, which is why I have been doing it full-time for 30 years. In fact, I am also an avid language learner myself, which explains why I am currently learning German. My other interests include psychology, history, personal development and long-distance running.

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General English
B1 -  C2

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3,639 ders tamamlandı
USD 28.00
Job Interviews
B1 -  C1

Konuşma Pratiği

160 ders tamamlandı
USD 32.50
IELTS Preparation
B1 -  C1

Sınav Hazırlığı

291 ders tamamlandı
USD 32.50
CAE Preparation
B2 -  C1

Sınav Hazırlığı

133 ders tamamlandı
USD 32.50
Improve your Language Skills at Work
B1 -  C1


92 ders tamamlandı
USD 32.50
General English ( with audio )
B1 -  C1


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USD 32.50

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194 Geri bildirim

Öğrenci Hanspeter
22İngilizce ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Splendid lesson. Praise for Paul who has the gift of making English enjoyable.
7 Mar 2023
Öğrenci Tina
60İngilizce ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Paul are amazing, each time I review the keynotes of our class, I am astonished how much I have achieved! Thank you
9 Şub 2023
Öğrenci Isabel Machero
Isabel Machero
28İngilizce ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
It was a perfect class. Paul is a very professional teacher. He gave me recommendations to improve my English, corrected my pronunciation and my mistakes. He plans the lessons and I felt very comfortable and happy during the class. I will continue with him and I highly recommend him.
20 Ara 2022
Öğrenci Shiho 324
Shiho 324
51İngilizce ders
Paul has many topics and knowledges. His explanations are always helpful and understandable. He encourages me all the time and I am more motivated to keep learning English.
13 Nis 2024
Öğrenci Manuela Seifert
Manuela Seifert
1İngilizce ders
With only one lesson Paul helped me to improve my pronunciation und have more confidence in my speaking skills. He tailored the lesson to my needs and wishes. I would definitely recommend taking one of his classes!
9 Nis 2024
Öğrenci Peter Sokolnikov
Peter Sokolnikov
2İngilizce ders
The lesson has a nice structure and the report afterward was very beneficial.
3 Nis 2024
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