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Başlangıç: İtalyaYaşadığı yer: Parma, İtalya (06:02 UTC+02:00)
20 Sep 2021 tarihinden bu yana italki öğretmeni
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Hy Everyone, i hope you are doing great !! I'm Andrea i'm from north of italy and i'm an italian native speaker. My italian accent is neutral and i really like to talk about many things like hobbies, reading, sports, photography, history and travelling. I'm passionate about photography and in my free time I go out to take pictures;

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17İtalyanca ders
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I have had weekly lessons with Andrea for a couple of months now, and my only “complaint” is that the time passes too quickly! Andrea is a master conversationalist and knows how to unpack a little piece of new information into an interesting conversation, steering it from topic to topic. He is very patient and has a very gentle and sincere attitude that puts the student instantly at ease. Andrea is a very curious and open-minded person and is genuinely interested in the topics we are discussing, it never feels like we do it for the sole purpose of “practicing the language”. He does help me to find the right word or a better way of saying something, gives corrections when necessary but it really feels like I am talking to a friend. Especially if you are at a level where you can converse, Andrea’s lessons would be a great addition to your language practice.
15 Tem 2023
Pasinee J
48İtalyanca ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Andrea is a fantastic teacher! He listens and cares about my interests, he orients the class to suit my goals of learning Italian! GRAZIE MILLE! always fun to learn Italian with an amazing teacher like him!
4 Haz 2023
31İtalyanca ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Much enjoyed learning italian with Andrea because he know how to lead you to speak and learn a new language in a funny way, strongly recommend to everyone especially if you are seeking a teacher who can speak fluent english.
12 May 2023
3İtalyanca ders
A good lesson as always. We read together today which I enjoyed. I believe that my Italian is improving with Andrea! Thank you
22 Eyl 2023
Rita Sorrentino
67İtalyanca ders
Always interesting and motivation to have conversation with Andrea.
22 Eyl 2023
Rita Sorrentino
67İtalyanca ders
Interesting conversation talking about the differences in houses and naming their floors . I appreciate the immediate feedback with vocabulary and grammar.
21 Eyl 2023
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