Bryan Vitela

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Çince (Mandarin)
Certified Polyglot Teacher with +7400 lessons of experience, FiFA Protocol officer & Law student.
Başlangıç: MeksikaYaşadığı yer: Cancun, Meksika (05:45 UTC-06:00)
1 Feb 2020 tarihinden bu yana italki öğretmeni
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I grew up speaking english and spanish as my native languages, I speak other 7 languages including portuguese, italian, russian and others, I'm a law & diplomacy student and I'm a certified professional teacher by Arizona State University. I love politics and traveling. My biggest passion is learning and teaching languages, I've done it abroad in several occasions My occupation has given me the chance of working in many international organizations and events such as: ⚽️ FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 ⚽️ FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 🏈 Super Bowl XLII in Minnesota 🏈 Super Bowl XLIV in Miami, Florida ⚽️ Representing Mexico in Fan Movement by FIFA ⚽️ FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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Inglés para principiantes e intermedios | English for beginners & intermediate
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English Conversation | Conversación en inglés | Conversa em inglês
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English for the job | Preparación para el empleo y entrevista de trabajo
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20 🇺🇸 English Lessons BIG DISCOUNT Package
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137İspanyolca ders
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I’ve taken over 60 lessons with Bryan and I can honestly say he is THE BEST. He not only teaches the language but also the meaning behind the words - which I really enjoy. The context helps with retention. He also answers all my questions and puts me completely at ease. He is great at helping me push through when I’m getting really frustrated with myself. I’m a lawyer and I have a goal to be fluent so I can speak to my clients without a translator. I know, with Bryan’s help, I will get there. I highly recommend!
5 Ağu 2023
Philip Irions
30İspanyolca ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
It is impossible to say enough good things about Bryan. He's been amazing at every step of the language process. He's constantly prepared, attentive, and ready for any nuanced description. He's a cheerleader, a coach, and a teammate all in one. I've recommended him to everyone who tells me they're learning Spanish. Book a lesson already, he's amazing.
6 Tem 2021
Matt Motakef
85İspanyolca ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Having now completed more than 50 lessons with Bryan, I feel qualified to confidently recommend him to Spanish language learners of all levels. He has a very well developed understanding of how people learn languages and when combined with his experience, he can recognize exactly what the student needs to progress. From day one, his methodology made me feel comfortable experimenting with the language and making mistakes. Thank you for playing such an important role in my language learning journey!
27 Oca 2021
Terry Watson
70İspanyolca ders
This was the last of 80 lessons that I have done with Bryan. In 12 months I have gone from a total beginner to being B1 (quite conversational) and a large part of that has been Bryan’s support, great teaching style and fantastic knowledge of English and Spanish. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn Spanish.
16 Şub 2024
Cameron Thomas
2İspanyolca ders
Bryan was really cool. Seemed really patient and has a really neat way of teaching.
25 Oca 2024
105İspanyolca ders
I studied Spanish for years in school, but my lessons with Bryan are really how I learned it. He’s great at explaining grammar concepts, and easy to talk to. I recommend him to all my friends trying to learn Spanish.
8 Ara 2023
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