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Başlangıç: BangladeşYaşadığı yer: Daegu, Kore Cumhuriyeti (13:13 UTC+09:00)
1 Jun 2020 tarihinden bu yana italki öğretmeni
Hi! I am a Bangladeshi. I have a keen interest in learning new languages, knowing new cultures, and making new friends. I know for a fact that learning a new language can be very challenging. Taking your first steps might not be too hard but moving forward with consistency is the hardest part. If you want to learn Bengali from a friend and not from a stickler for perfection then please feel free to contact me. I will teach you what you actually need to know to communicate and I am not going to overload you with a boatload of grammar homework!

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Baby Steps to Bengali!
A1 -  B1


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Let's talk!! [Bengali]
A2 -  C2

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11 Geri bildirim

Öğrenci Joana Luís
Joana Luís
22Bengalce ders
Always with material’s for the lesson to practice! :)
18 Tem 2023
Öğrenci Joana Luís
Joana Luís
22Bengalce ders
Classes with Parag are always good and efficient!
15 May 2023
Öğrenci Joana Luís
Joana Luís
22Bengalce ders
Today was a test about the basic bangla learnt until now. Very funny class :)
20 Mar 2021
Öğrenci Benjamin Edelman
Benjamin Edelman
7Bengalce ders
Absolutely fantastic teacher and a great guy. Relaxed energy, clear lesson plan, went with the flow and handled my (many) questions with ease and grace. Really excited to work with him again!
27 Şub 2021
Öğrenci Joana Luís
Joana Luís
22Bengalce ders
Im really enjoying having classes with Parag, his lessons are all prepared thinking how foreigns should learn, always some quiz and some little homeworks! Thank you Parag to be patient and very cooperative! 😃
20 Şub 2021
Öğrenci Joana Luís
Joana Luís
22Bengalce ders
Very good Trial lesson. The lesson was prepared. Like it the small details, the rules how we should talk in formal e informal way. Thanks Parag.
6 Şub 2021
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