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Çince (Mandarin)
Private school teaching background. DSD I & II, beginners & culturally interested advanced students.
Başlangıç: AlmanyaYaşadığı yer: Shanghai, Çin (16:19 UTC+08:00)
30 Sep 2020 tarihinden bu yana italki öğretmeni
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My first teaching position was at the private Colegio Humboldt Caracas in Venezuela. In addition to preparing students for their DSD I & II and their Studienkollegs, I was an examiner for the oral exams of these language proficiency tests. Since then, I have taught students of all age groups and language proficiency levels. These days, I teach German at a University as well as privately on italki, and translate non-fiction books from English into German while composing contemporary classical music in my free time.

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Deneme Dersi
62 ders tamamlandı
USD 15.00+
Deutsche Kultur, Geschichte, Philosophie, Literatur und Musik
B2 -  C2


64 ders tamamlandı
USD 27.50+
10% indirimli paket
Deutsches Sprachdiplom I & II and Other Test Preparations
A1 -  C2

Sınav Hazırlığı

190 ders tamamlandı
USD 22.50+
10% indirimli paket
Business & Academic German
B1 -  C2


41 ders tamamlandı
USD 27.50+
10% indirimli paket
Guided German Conversation Training
A2 -  C2

Konuşma Pratiği

313 ders tamamlandı
USD 22.50+
10% indirimli paket
Writing German
B1 -  C2


337 ders tamamlandı
USD 25.00+
10% indirimli paket
German for Beginners
A1 -  A2


156 ders tamamlandı
USD 25.00+
10% indirimli paket

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81 Geri bildirim

Megan Corcoran
31Almanca ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Daniel gets right to work and not wasting time! He is a great teacher and my daughter's german is improving much more rapidly with his help.
28 Ağu 2022
Gitta Sivander
104Almanca ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Daniel is the best! If you want to feel motivated and have the best time in your german lessons, Daniel will do that for you. My son, 12, loves his lessons with Daniel!
14 Eyl 2021
Daniel Lim
37Almanca ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Daniel is an excellent, enthusiastic and engaging teacher and I always look forward to and enjoy our lessons. We discuss interesting topics spanning science, art and music, Daniel asks insightful questions and I always come away having learned something. Thank you!
29 Tem 2021
Allan Chiang
1Almanca ders
Daniel was on time and spoke exceptional English. He would always try to speak German before translating it into English which made me more immersed in the language. He uses Google Docs to record new vocabulary and grammar. He asked me what my goals were at the start of the lesson. He is very patient. I would recommend Daniel to be more encouraging. For example, saying, "Sehr gut!" Whenever I get something right in German. That would be motivating. However, Daniel has a 1:10 student to lesson ratio. This means that for every student that enrolls in Daniel's class, each student takes on average at least 10 lessons. That is very impressive and clearly shows how good of a teacher Daniel is. He is also very patient. All in all, Daniel was on time, speaks exceptional English and uses Google Docs. Sure, he could have been more encouraging but he has a 1:10 student to lesson ratio and he is very patient.
26 Eki 2023
6Almanca ders
Für die Vorbereitung einer C2 Prüfung bin ich zu Daniel gekommen. Ich habe insgesamt sechs Unterrichte bei ihm gehabt, die sehr zielorientiert und höchst effizient waren. Ohne die Hinweise, die Daniel mir gegeben hat, hätte ich die Prüfung nicht bestehen können. Herzlichen Dank Daniel! Sehr empfehlenswert!
2 Kas 2022
Dana kendler
20Almanca ders
Great teacher and a great person to talk and to learn with and from. Has a through knowledge in many subjects.
28 Eyl 2022
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