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♦️Specializing in Helping Students Speak Korean Fluently♦️I taught at ✅ Korea University
Başlangıç: Kore CumhuriyetiYaşadığı yer: Seoul, Kore Cumhuriyeti (15:18 UTC+09:00)
17 Feb 2021 tarihinden bu yana italki öğretmeni
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Hello, I am Michelle😊 ♦️ Over 7 Years of Professional Teaching Experience [4 Years in University Classrooms + 3 Years Online]. ♦️ 4 Years of Teaching Experience at 'Korea University' & 'Konkuk University'. ♦️ +5000 Online Classes Completed since 2021 on italki and Verbling. ♦️ I am Friendly, Positive, Supportive, and Easy to talk to. ♦️ Teaching Style: Customized, Patient, Interactive, Fun, and Relaxed. ♦️ Main goal: Developing Students' Language Output Skills.

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USD 30.00+
🍏Grammar & Voca Class for Speaking🍏 55min/25min
A1 -  C2


3,578 ders tamamlandı
USD 25.00+
🍎Speaking Practice Class🍎 55min/25min
A2 -  C2

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USD 25.00+

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76Korece ders
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I always feel like Minji선생님 is really invested in my progress and is always in tune with what I want to get out of learning Korean. She is also creative and openminded in helping me get there. She has also made me really like grammar! She is always able to explain grammar clearly and with many, many examples--somehow she just pulls them out of her head in an instant. We are reading short stories together and she has made it a great way to learn both grammar, vocabulary and culture.
21 Eyl 2023
111Korece ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Michelle is an excellent teacher. She is working with me to review and her materials are excellent. Her explanations are clear and concise. I am looking forward to my future lessons with her.
12 Haz 2023
John Little
219Korece ders
Öğretmenin seçimi
Michelle is everything you would hope to find in a language teacher. I'm always amazed at how invested she is in my progress. Knowledgeable, professional, caring, fun - she is just the best.
6 Oca 2022
42Korece ders
Today, my Teacher, Michelle, presented two (2) grammar points and did an excellent job in explaining the points to me and she gave me several examples on how to use the grammar points in sentences. She also answered several questions that I had regarding local resources and found pictures of the resources on her computer which she showed me on her shared screen. (As an aside, today, as in every lesson, Michelle dressed very professionally and appeared in our 1:1 lesson as she would if she were teaching in a prestigious university to a group of students, very professional.) Michelle is always appropriately energetic and fully engaged in teaching me. I think that Michelle is an excellent teacher of the Korean language and I am very happy that she is my teacher.
25 Şub 2024
42Korece ders
Today my lesson with Michelle focused mainly on grammar points. At the beginning of our lesson, I asked her to focus on grammar points for today's lesson, and she did an excellent job in showing me the finer points between two different but, at the same time, similar grammar points. As always, she was dressed very professionally for our lesson, and her positive, encouraging manner throughout our lesson was greatly appreciated. IMHO, Michelle is an excellent teacher of the Korean language and, once again, I would recommend her to anyone interested in learning the language from complete beginners to advance Korean language learners. I know that s/he will not be disappointed.
11 Şub 2024
42Korece ders
Once again, this morning I had a Korean lesson with my teacher, Michelle, and once again she proved to be an excellent teacher of the Korean language. When I began my lesson today, I had several questions that I wanted to ask her and after reviewing the topics of last week's lesson, I began asking my questions. Michelle had a grammar point that she wanted to teach me today, but when I began asking the questions, she focused entirely on my questions. I find that her ability to be flexible and teach what I want to learn to be a real asset to my learning. We spent the rest of the class on the questions that I had, and Michelle answers were very thorough, and I was able to receive good answers to all of my questions. Throughout today's lesson as well as the other lessons that I have had with Michelle, she was very positive and very easy to communicate with. Michelle is an excellent teacher of the Korean and I would recommend her to anyone interested in learning the Korean language.
4 Şub 2024
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