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🎯 Guiding Students to Fluency with Engaging and Tailored Instruction 🎯
Başlangıç: ArjantinYaşadığı yer: Other, Yunanistan (00:33 UTC+03:00)
16 Mar 2021 tarihinden bu yana italki öğretmeni
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¡Hola! I'm Abighail, an Argentinian from Buenos Aires currently living in Greece. My teaching philosophy is rooted in creating a supportive and interactive environment where students feel empowered to embrace the Spanish language with confidence. I am dedicated to fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere that encourages active participation, ensuring that every student feels heard and valued. I have a solid academic background in language teaching and experience that allows me to adapt to the individual needs of my students.

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34 ders tamamlandı
USD 13.00+
🗣💬🦜Español conversacional🦜💬🗣 ( Temas específicos, role plays, conversaciones cotidianas, práctica oral de temas gramaticales específicos, conversaciones triviales, etc)
A2 -  C1

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361 ders tamamlandı
USD 17.00+
6% indirimli paket
🚀Español General🚀 (vocabulario👑, gramática📚, pronunciación🗣, lectura💷, compresión auditiva🎧, etc.)
A1 -  C1


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USD 17.00+
6% indirimli paket

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48 Geri bildirim

Öğrenci Michael Behrendt
Michael Behrendt
6İspanyolca ders
I forgot about the meeting. I am so sorry. I am looking forward to seeing Abighail next Saturday, March 16 at 1:00 pm. Please still charge me for this meeting of course. Michael Behrendt
9 Mar 2024
Öğrenci Becky Doggett
Becky Doggett
4İspanyolca ders
Aghigail is very nice, patient and explains everything very clearly. I like that she explains things in spanish if possible.
31 Oca 2024
Öğrenci ivy
67İspanyolca ders
She explains grammars very well.
28 Ara 2023
Öğrenci Simone
3İspanyolca ders
Abighail is a great teacher, always very concerned about the student's learning. She indicates great complementary didactic materials to support the class and you can see that she also studies a lot to be prepared to teach the best class possible. Abighail is very patient and tailors her lessons to the exact needs of her students.
26 Şub 2023
Öğrenci Aleksandra Potapova
Aleksandra Potapova
8İspanyolca ders
Muy interesante como siempre :) Hoy hemos hablado sobre un tema bastante inesperado - de cómo personas famosas afloran sus emociones ante el público en los galardones para captar la atención de los espectadores. Gracias por los materiales tan entretenidos :)
10 Kas 2022
Öğrenci Stu
38İspanyolca ders
Abighail is very dedicated to advancing my mastery of Spanish. She provides helpful information for resources to help me learn.
8 Kas 2022
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