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3 UN international language days are coming! People worldwide are going to celebrate Chinese, English, and Spanish this week!
I believe that celebrating languages is important because it raises awareness towards a variety of cultures by promoting linguistic diversity. When people celebrate, they come together in a form of a social gathering hence when there's a celebration of languages, people are then encouraged to learn about different languages and cultures. By learning a foreign language, it is easier for one to comprehend other ideas and thoughts that may differ from ones own culture. Another reason as to why I believe that celebrating languages is essential is that when people come together to celebrate a language, it is a manner of paying respect to a special part of our lives as it enables us to form cultural ties, friendships and relationships. I have achieved a lot just by learning another language. it has opened doors for me to study abroad and interact with many different people. it has also granted me access to entertainment compared to when I only knew one language, without having to rely on translation or subtitles.
18 Nisan 2022
学习语言的成果和庆祝语言的重要性: Reasons to celebrate languages and what I have achieved by learning another language in quotes: “A different language is different vision of life.” – Federico Fellini “每种不同的语言都是一种不同的生活视角。” ——费德里科·费里尼 “With languages, you are at home everywhere.” – Edmund de Waal “只要你学会各种语言,在哪里都像是在家里。”——埃德蒙·德·瓦尔 “Knowledge of language is the doorway to wisdom.” – Roger Bacon “语言的知识就是通往智慧的大门。”——里加斯·培根 "书是音符,谈话才是歌。"——契诃夫 "Books are compositions, but speech is the song itself." - Chekhov "用语言表达思想是人类唯一优越于其他动物的地方。语言是社交的工具。" ——本•琼森 "Expressing ideas in words is the only place where humans are superior to other animals. Language is a social tool." - Ben Jonson "在短短的语言中藏有丰富的智慧。" ——〔古希腊〕索福克勒斯 "There is a wealth of wisdom in just a few words." ——(Ancient Greece) Sophocles "语言是思想的外衣。" ——〔英国〕约翰逊 "Language is the cloak of thought." - (UK) Johnson
27 Nisan 2022
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