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Raising awareness of endangered languages not only benefits the people who speak these languages but appreciates the contribution to the world's cultural diversity. Let’s protect endangered languages!
There is a saying that I live by, which is “Each language is a piece of a puzzle that we need in order to determine how language works in the mind. With each missing piece, we are further from seeing the full picture.” The reason I stand firmly with that saying Is because I believe that each and every language deserves to be protected despite it being known as common or uncommon. We lose a lot as a global nation if we allow languages to die out just because they’re not common. We miss out on a chance to explore more because I believe that languages carry a wealth of knowledge even when they’re are not common, there’s a reason why those languages existed in the first place and if it was not essential they would have ever existed in the first place. They’re always a majority of ways to save dying languages, all that is needed are people who are interested in putting the effort needed to preserve these dying languages.
25 Mayıs 2022
I am an Australian of English heritage, I can only speak English though I’m learning Korean and Auslan. Australia once had at least 250 native languages spoken and about 600 dialects.In 2014 there were estimated to be 120 languages and dialects still spoken and 100 of them were considered critically endangered and only 13 were considered strong. This situation came about through the government and church endorsed stealing of children and the prohibition of spoken native language in homes and schools by the governmental and religious proponents of cultural genocide. Today there is some pushback and a thirst among First Nation peoples to keep the remaining languages alive. Many have only a few elderly speakers and even the stronger ones still face a lack of government support that would see them taught as curriculum and used in government schools, even in areas where those languages are still in current use. The aboriginal people of Australia have suffered terribly at the hands of the English invaders and to have no choice but to speak English must be a bitter pill to swallow
25 Mayıs 2022
As an Indonesian person, I can say the ability and the interest towards our local language slowly decrease. I worked as a teacher in one of elementary school foundation 3 years ago. What makes me sad is that children nowadays are more communicating in English, some of them even don't really understand Indonesian, and I can't say anything for our local language. I learn Javanese here in my province, and we're not only learn how to speak, but also Javanese has its own character which is totally different with our national language. Yes we can't avoid the globalization effect and we need to learn English or any other languages which would be more beneficial in terms of having a bigger opportunity for our career. But learning local language is necessary to remember our heritage and where exactly we are from ❤️
3 Haziran 2022
I come from a nation with a population of 1500. Niue 🇳🇺 a small island located in the Pacific Islands. Our waters are clear, our air is clean and our land is fertile. However, our language is sort of dying. On the island, majority of occupants are able to speak both Niuean (native language) and English. However, offshore (in New Zealand,) only a handful of our people are able to speak the language (less than 10%). I grew up in New Zealand but like many other Niueans, I was only taught English. At the start of this year, I started learning Niuean. I am now five months deep into learning the language and I have created 1000 digital flashcards to help with my studies. As I grow in compentency, I am hoping to create an app and various flashcard decks to help others learn the language.
25 Mayıs 2022
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6 Haziran 2022
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