Umbrella Academy This is a story about 7 people. This was unusual only in the fact that none of his mothers had been pregnant when the day first began. Ser Reginald Hargreaves bought them because they had superpowers. Number 1 - Luther is super strong Number 2 - Diego, can change the trajectory of everything that he throws, mostly knives Number 3 - Allison, can call anyone to do anything with the words "I heard a rumor..." Number 4 - Klaus, can talk to the dead, can later become immortal Number 5 - just Five, teleports in space and time (he disappeared in time at the age of 10-13) Number 6- Ben has tentacles (He's dead) Number 7 - Vanya doesn't have superpowers (but this is only at first glance) A few years later, already adult heroes get together again at the funeral of their father. But at that moment their brother appears, who disappeared for 20 years, but still in the body of a boy, although in fact he is 58, but during teleportation he made a mistake in the calculations. He says that in 8 days the apocalypse will happen and everyone will die. This comic was written by Gabriel Ba and Gerrard Way. He really intrigued me with his plot and characters. Despite their fights, they are all family, they love each other and will kill anyone who offends them. My favorite character is number 5, even if he is an experienced killer, and from the outside he looks very cold and angry he devoted his life to saving his family at all costs.
9 Th01 2023 17:44