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Đến từ Nam PhiSống tại Johannesburg, Nam Phi (21:36 UTC+02:00)
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Là giáo viên italki từ 24 May năm 2021
Hello everyone, My name is Johnson, and I'm a certified (TEFL) English Teacher with five years of experience teaching adults and middle school students. I'm currently pursuing my second degree (Law Degree). I've always been passionate about different cultures, world politics, music, and the world of business. I constantly try to open myself to new topics and hobbies to grow as a person. I'm easy going, relaxed and I put paramount attention to creating a safe and calm environment for all my students to learn English.
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Business English for Beginners and Intermediate Students
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English conversation practice for intermediate - advanced level
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English General - All Levels
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16 bài học Tiếng Anh
Lựa chọn dành cho giáo viên
The conference preparation went very well. Without his motivating support I wouldn't be where I am now with my presentation. With a lot of patience he helped me to improve my writing and pronounciation. Besides that, he is a very open-minded and interesting person and I enjoyed conversating with him. Thank you, Johnson!
7 Th09 năm 2021
1 bài học Tiếng Anh
Thank you, good lesson. I learnt a lot in my first lesson with teacher Johnson. I will be choosing him again. Good job. I highly recommend
27 Th10 năm 2022
Marina Di Marco
3 bài học Tiếng Anh
Johnson is the best!!!!
23 Th09 năm 2022
16 bài học Tiếng Anh
Thank you very much, the lesson was very helpful!
2 Th09 năm 2021
16 bài học Tiếng Anh
Thank you, Johnson.
30 Th08 năm 2021
2 bài học Tiếng Anh
Thank you for taking time! and I enjoyed it.
27 Th08 năm 2021
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