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italki teacher since Aug 2, 2016
Hello, my name is Laura and I'm an Italian teacher. I got a Master degree in italian language and literature at University of Padova and CEDILS certification at University of Venice. It is a qualification that enables me to teach Italian as second language. You can find further information in my website:

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1,619 Reviews

Pat McGibbon
84 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I will say this in English, for the benefit of any other students reading. Laura is an excellent teacher. Not only friendly, professional, open but always thinking about the right learning path for the individual student. I have been studying with Laura for more than one year, and my Italian has improved enormously, but even then she has identified a new approach to improve in another area. And she always checks and re-checks that the approach is working for me. You won't find many better teachers. Grazie mille, Laura!
May 13, 2018
66 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I definitely have to say that this lesson with Laura has been wonderful. Just after 20 lessons I have got a good understanding of the subjunctive, and this would've been imposible without Laura's efforts to make me comprehend the grammar in a fun and easy way. Also, I really like our conversations during the speaking part; time flies with Laura while talking about really interesting things (she's really well educated and can speak about very different things related with all the Italian culture, traveling, society, politics, literature, history...). I am a Spanish teacher, and from the first moment I knew Laura is well prepared and enjoys teaching her native language. If I were a student looking for a great teacher, I would definitely give Laura the chance to help me learn this beautiful language. I hated Italian for while after having a terrible Professor at the University, but Laura made me like this language again. That is one of the best things a student can say about a teacher!!!
Apr 3, 2018
Joseph Cama
61 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Laura is my regular Italian teacher. I have used her for over 9 months. She is absolultely great. She is instructive, inventive and a truly wonderful person. I recommend her without reservation.
Oct 1, 2017
sarah falkner
7 Italian lessons
Excellent and helpful, as always!
Jan 26, 2023
Faith Harris
1 Italian lesson
I am so excited. My time flew by with Laura. I can't wait to book again. She is so intuitive, and reflexively knows how to teach to my needs. No wonder she is so well booked.
Jan 26, 2023
72 Italian lessons
We had a great conversation today.
Jan 19, 2023
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