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I want to learn Modern Hebrew

I don't know how to learn Hebrew, I have been learning for years, but did not get any improve. In my country, there is little people to study it and very little hebrew books . I don't know how to improve my hebrew. I know some words , some sentences and some grammar, but I still cannot read and write. Please help me.



Hi, here is a link with a list of resources:

In particular, there are some online courses:


Hebrew@Stanford Multimedia

There are 20 lessons and more clips for beginners


Hebrew course for beginners in Hebrew


Educational Television לומדים מהבית

Go to:

לשון ועברית


Please let me know if this helped you.


Hi Joe.


The main way to improve your level is listening to podcasts (which you have their transcription) and start talking with a native speaker, or with a person who speaks well. 


Don't worry, at the begining it's gonna be difficult. but don't give up! it may sound to you very fast, and when you'll speak you will stammer alot at the begining. but you'll get better wuith time. it's only a question of hard work and preseverance.


Here is a website of podcasts in hebrew, take a look. maybe it could help you.


Good luck,



I've started learning Hebrew to remind myself what it's like to be a total beginner again at something and do some reasearch into what language learning strategies can be recommended to language learners. I had my first conversation in Hebrew today and even though it's my fourth language to study, it's always a bit terrifying the first time you try to communicate. If it's not a bit stressful or embarrasing, you know you probably aren't learning much. ;)


Most of the Hebrew study I have learned has been on public transport, because I've got a full time job with complicated hours. The thought of losing two hours a day everday on public transport greatly bothered me. Thus, I decided to experiment a bit and try something new, which was to take that idle time and try to learn something that didn't necessarily require undivided concentration. 


Anyway, my advice... learn how to recognize the Hebrew alphabet and nikud system, but as far as reading and writing go, do you want to speak or do you want to read books and write letters? I am focusing mostly on speaking, listening, and pronunciation. Writing I will revist later at a later time. 


Good luck! - From another suffering Hebrew beginner!


Looks like I deleted part of my post.


I think advice looks a bit different depending on what stage a learner is in, but the major trick stays the same and that is... speak! It looks like you are farther along in Hebrew than I am, so if you've managed to more or less learn the grammar basics, why not try listening to a podcast like Aviel mentioned and then continue the conversation with some new vocabulary words thrown in from another source. 


Thanks Rosa for the video link! It helped me! ;)

Thanks all of you ! You are both nice people! I will try !Toda raba! Atem tovim li!

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