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how to said 주다 in very formal way

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    친구에게 선물을 주다. ( It means "Give a present to friend)
    나무에 물을 주다. (It means "Give a water to tree)

    주다 is very similar to "give" in English.
    so, "주다" is used to give something to person or other object.

    주시다 is a formal form of 주다

    I assume you wanted to know the most honorific way to say 주다 - I tried to explaine it below
    if not - most formal way would be 주습니다 or 주습니까

    주시다 - honorific
    one should use it when speaking TO and ABOUT one's superiors
    or when speaking to a stranger
    or to sound politer when one is asking to do something for him- or herself

    아빠가 나한테 시계를 주셨어요. Dad gave me a watch. (but one could use "줬어요 as well)
    저 좀 도와주세요. Help me, please!

    드리다 - humble
    one should use it when speaking TO one's superiors ABOUT oneself
    or when speaking about interior giving something to his or her superior

    아빠한테 시계를 드렸어요. (I) gave dad a watch.
    부탁을 드려도 될까요? May I ask a favor from you?

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    One thing you may hear a lot in Korea is the expression "주시기 발압니다." especially at the end of announcements and official statements. That's a very polite way of saying, "Please know this information."

    So, as others have said, 주시다 is the most polite form. However, from my understanding, "give" is a receiving action in Korean for the most part. If you want to "give" someone something (let's say "help"), then you would say:

    도와 드릴까요? Can I help you?
    도와 주세요. Please help me.

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