Geoffrey McCoy
What are the differences between использовать, употребить, and применить? They all translate into "to use"in English but what are the differences between these synonyms? Is one preferred over the others?
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Здравствуйте! Использовать - the most popular, "to use".🏕 Применить - it's like to use for the specific purpose.🏗🧱 Употребить - it's like to consume, to eat.🎁
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I'm not a native speaker, but other words with similar roots can be helpful: Потребитель...consumer Потребительское общество...consumer society Потреблять use, but more by way of consumption Применение...application, i.e. different use cases, automotive applications, metallurgical applications, etc. Применить use, by way of applying smth/implementing smth
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