Charlotte Ndjama
Celebrating a language may be important, to encourage more learners. For me knowing to speak and write English is an opportunity to serve others. For instance I interpret sometimes during some meetings from French to English. I have new friends all over the world who are English speakers. When I am in airports travelling to foreign countries I don't need an interpreter. More often those working there speak English. I read books , I listen to news, I do more research in English. I am privileged to use the most spoken language in the world.
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Hi Charlotte! Well said. Thank you for sharing! :)
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잘했어요! good!
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Great sharing!
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Hi Charlotte. I 'm Victoria, from Argentina. Spanish is my native language. I would love to encourage you in that process. I study medicine so I'm really interesting in health care. I wait for you in my classes whenever you want. Saludos desde aquí!
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