Hi all, I am into listening to podcasts, and I am looking for any new recommendations. I was wondering if any of you have any in mind that would like to share with me. I am looking for podcast in English, French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish. The topics that I am into are the following: geopolitics, the Africa continent, curiosities and controversial topics. If any of you would like to receive any rec from podcast, please send me a message. Thanks for your time.
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Em português: O Assunto; Onze Supremos; História em meia hora.
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Salve Antonio! Grazie de la tua risposta e suggerimento. Ho gia due scambi con cui parlo ogni settimana in Italiano. Percio, in questo momento, non ne ho bisogno. Grazie.
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Ciao Javier! I am Antonio, an italian tutor on Italki, go on my italki profile and book a lesson with me! I will be happy to help you to learn italian 🙂 movie you can try : Perfetti sconosciuti
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