Bohdan Velykyi

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ناطق أصلي
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من أوكرانيايعيش في أوكرانيا ،Dnipropetrovsk (٠٢:٠٨ UTC+03:00)
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معلّم في آيتاكي منذ 13 Feb 2022
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Hello everyone! My name is Bohdan, I'm from Dnipro, Ukraine. I am a native speaker of Russian and Ukrainian. I am also studying English. I am fond of such sports as football, jogging and workout. I am also learning how to shoot with a real medieval bow. I like to follow Formula-1 competitions. I like to study world history, the history of world religions and cultures of different countries. I follow the development of the global economy and work to improve my financial literacy. I am a real fan of reading books, especially classic works of world literature. And also, I love motivating and positive life stories. I will gladly share my experience of living in Ukraine.

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Phil Gardner
1 الأوكرانية درس
My first lesson with Bohdan was an excellent experience. I am a very early beginning learner. I went in to the lesson knowing only a few dozen words in Ukrainian and no real ability to form complete sentences. Bohdan was very helpful and patient as I worked through it all. Even with my limited vocabulary he still managed to find interesting topics to talk with me about. He was on-time, focused, and friendly, and I felt very at ease the whole time. I would definitely recommend Bohdan to a friend.
6 مايو 2022
Yuri Zak
11 الأوكرانية دروس
Bohdan is a wonderful teacher! He speaks very clearly and he also speaks very good English. He always has interesting topics to talk about and he always make the lesson very interactive and fun! If you are looking to learn Ukrainian you should book a lesson with Bohdan! You won’t regret it! Богдан чудовий учитель! Він розмовляє дуже чітко, а також дуже добре розмовляє англійською. У нього завжди є цікаві теми для розмови, і він завжди робить урок дуже інтерактивним та веселим! Якщо ви прагнете вивчити українську мову, запишіться на урок у Богдана! Ви не пошкодуєте!
1 أبريل 2022
Da lei
1 الأوكرانية درس
Дякую за цікаву розмову. Я вивчив багато української лексики.
27 مارس 2022
Anh Nguyen Nguyen
4 الأوكرانية دروس
Another fantastic lesson with Bohdan! He always manages to give me interesting aspects about Ukrainian culture and language, which couldn't be found anywhere on the internet. I have learnt many new words today too. Thank you very much and see you soon! 😊
24 مارس 2022
Corey McAlpine
5 الأوكرانية دروس
Bodhan was very patient in my first Ukrainian class. He is very kind and has good English to explain his language.
11 مارس 2022
Corey McAlpine
5 الأوكرانية دروس
Great first introduction lesson. Can’t wait to keep learning with you.
5 مارس 2022
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