Cleide Brandao

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معلّم في آيتاكي منذ 28 Jul 2021
موضوع الاهتمامالتاريخالطعامالسفر
¡Holiss! Mi nombre es Cleide, soy brasileña y tengo 30 años de edad.

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درس تجريبي
46 lessons completed
USD 5.00+
Portugués brasileño desde 0 / portuguese for beginners
A1 -  B2

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389 lessons completed
USD 8.00
حزمة دروس بخصم قيمته 12%
Pratique o português brasileiro (conversação)
A1 -  B2

التدريب على المحادثة

219 lessons completed
USD 7.00
Portugués viajero/ Turismo
A1 -  B2


12 lessons completed
USD 6.00+

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Nicole Keeney
21 البرتغالية دروس
اختيار المعلّم
Cleide is one of the best language teachers I have ever had! She is so much fun to talk to and always keeps the conversation moving. She is an excellent teacher and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to learn the beautiful language of Portuguese!
8 فبراير 2022
Lucas M.
1 البرتغالية درس
اختيار المعلّم
Cleide es lo más! Tuvimos una conversación super relajada, divertida y aprendí muchísimo! Super recomiendo sus clases!
25 أغسطس 2021
Keara Hill
1 البرتغالية درس
اختيار المعلّم
I had a wonderful class with Cleide! She arrived with prepared materials, but when she realized that my portuguese was a little more advanced, she changed to do an activity that would help me more. She's also very nice, she gives tips to speak more naturally, and she has good conversation. Tive uma aula maravilhosa com a Cleide. Ela chegou na aula com o material preparado mas quando ela percebeu que eu tive um nível de portugues um pouca mais avançada, ela mudou para fazer outra atividade que me ajudaria mais. Também, ela é muita simpática, dá dicas para falar mais naturalmente, e tem boa conversaçao.
10 أغسطس 2021
4 البرتغالية دروس
Obrigada por uma super lição🥰
3 يونيو 2023
3 البرتغالية دروس
Cleide is very patient and covers a lot of great topics that are interesting and relevant. Muito obrigada Cleide!
1 يونيو 2023
5 البرتغالية دروس
This was definitely by far my favorite classes! I learned so much in just one hour. Some of what I learned included the two past tenses (Estava & Era) in which you can describe things in Portuguese. Along with some new conjugations. I definitely feel like I can be more descriptive when speaking Portuguese which simultaneously makes me more confident. I’m excited to use my new knowledge with my boyfriend and Brazilians when I return.
31 مايو 2023
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