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Top 5 reasons to learn Turkish! Turkish is a very different language apart from Latin and Middle East Languages. Here are some differences; 1. It’s an agglunative language! I can hear right now that you are asking what it is. You have to add suffixes after the root. (We use almost no prefixes) Especially many times. Some examples; Bilmiyorum → Bil-mi-yor-um_I do not know Yapabileceğim → Yap-abil-eceğ-im_I will be able to do You see it’s just one word but it has many meanings inside. (We do not write it with dashes, i just use it to show the suffixes) 2. We have lots of common words with Arabic and Persian! If you are a native speaker of these languages or you know them, learning Turkish could be easier for you. As you know at least 1000 words before you start learning a language. 3. Vowel Harmony - Almost no Exception! Turkish has very strict rules. We add the suffixes depending on the vowel harmony and it has almost no exception. When you learn the rules (just a few) then it’s really easy to use them. 4. Grammar seems complex but it’s too easy! If you learn how to use vowel harmony, you can easily conjugate and use them in an hour easily. It’s like a game of Math! 5. You can learn it very fast! I know some students they are able to speak Turkish in 20-30 lessons easily. And most of them say They learn Turkish easier than Latin languages!
20 de mar de 2023 9:09